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“Growing Social Insecurity”

Seniors on Social Security receive a 1.5% boost!

Seniors are being left out in the cold as temperatures drop and heating costs rise along with rent, food, co-pay’s, and other vital necessities squeeze them for their precious and limited dollars.

Next week retired citizens receive their Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for Social Security, a paltry one and a half percent, for the average recipient a whopping $17 per month. Seniors will be forced to stretch their retirement income just a little further — sacrifice just a bit more.

It’s an embarrassment; a slap in their venerable faces! An affront to a life well lived.

Are we killing our seniors?

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“Key Elements to Lowering the Deficit”

This article was posted on The Huffington Post 9/6/11. To read it on HuffPo click on the link.


Nearly everyone agrees — the deficit is a problem and must be fixed.

Fixing this recessionary deficit will take time. Lots of time… and sacrifice. Lots of sacrifice!

There is no agreement in Congress on how deficit reduction can be fairly accomplished but, honest discourse is an absolute necessity. A few reasonable adjustments could put deficit reduction on a positive path in the short-term. There is much more involved in developing a long-term solution, but it’s also easily achievable.

Short-term, seven key elements must be considered including raising taxes and closing loopholes to increase revenues. Anyone who tells you we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem, and refuses to raise taxes is either ignoring the truth or stupid.

What will it take to restore fiscal responsibility?

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“I Didn’t Know Gabby, But I’d Like To!”

Gabby Giffords is strong, she’s a fighter and someone I’d like to know!

On Saturday afternoon, January 8th, in Tucson, Arizona Congresswoman Giffords’s life was suddenly interrupted; tragically changed in a heartbeat by a cacophony of gunfire.

For the next few days her husband Mark and the entire country waited with bated breath while she went through surgical procedures to save her life.

It didn’t matter, at the time, what party she was from—what mattered was her life, the medical procedures, and her hopeful recovery.

As more information was released about the tragedy, hearts grew heavier and discourse more acetic.

In the confusion 13 people would be injured, six would lose their lives, and Gabby’s hung in the balance.

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“An UnHealthy Debate: Again!”

This HealthCare article has just been posted on The Huffington Post , Monday, Jan 17. Read it on HuffPost by selecting this link.


The Repeal of the HealthCare Bill will add $230 billion to the deficit!

House Republicans are threatening to repeal the HealthCare Bill—and replace it!

At the end of their first week in office the new majority will, as they’ve promised in their Pledge to America, vote to repeal ObamaCare—the HealthCare Bill that took a long and difficult year to pass. Unfortunately, what finally emerged was a weakened compromise; a skeleton of real reform, forced upon the American people by the Obstructionist Party.

Last February I wrote an article, “UnAmerican Activities: An UnHealthy Debate,” in which I described glaring disruptions to the discourse over quality healthcare reform. It was clearly an opportunity missed to discuss and finally control debilitating healthcare costs.

It was an incredibly ugly time in this 100 year battle.

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UnAmerican Activities: “An UnHealthy Debate”

Healthcare in the United States is a mess.

This country has never been more unRealistically divided on this big an issue in my lifetime.

What this debate needed was the Lion’s roar, the wise voice of its champion, Senator Ted Kennedy, who has been fighting for the people’s right to quality, affordable healthcare for 40 years.

Instead of a healthy debate over one of the most essential issues of our time, we got disruptive Town Hall meetings. Instead of having politicians debating intelligently the need for healthcare reform, we get Republicans who want to see President Obama defeated. Instead of discussing the need to cover the more than 45 million Americans without healthcare, we get death panels.

The inability of Congress to work together to develop a healthy plan for America is killing people—destroying the health of this nation. Read the rest of this entry »

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