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“The Rancid Taste of Tea”

This was posted on The Huffington Post, Friday, August 5th. Click on link to read it on HuffPost.


The Tea Party held the country hostage—and won!

Despite the posturing on both sides of the aisle over what they each achieved in the budget deal, neither party can claim victory. They both lost!

But there was one major loser—the American People.

The destructive 11th hour deal struck between the President and intransigent Republicans—intransigence fueled by an uncompromising Tea Party faction who were able to hold raising the debt limit hostage to achieve huge spending cuts—hurts a lot of people.

Were there any winners?

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“Are Republican Governors Killing America?”

New Republican Governors are clearly misreading their mandate!

The People’ in many states are realizing the mistake they made in the 2010 elections and are fighting back.

Destroying working families by breaking the unions is not an isolated case. It’s not happening only in Wisconsin. It’s going down in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Idaho, Virginia, and New Jersey. Thanks to poster child, Scott Walker, it’s now obvious that this job-killing action is an ideology aimed at destroying any opposition to the corporatist take-over building for over 30 years.

Governors warn of catastrophic consequences of state deficits while giving away hundreds-of-millions in taxpayer dollars to corporations and campaign donors creating an even greater shortfall. They hope their citizens are too stupid to see what they’re doing.

Was this the mandate the voters gave Governors?

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“Welcome Back To the Future!”

This article has just been posted, Monday evening. To read it on The Huffington Post web site click on the link here.

What the Hell have Tea Partiers done to our once great country?

A few days ago, despite its many flaws, the country had a chance; a chance at economic recovery. A chance to survive!

Instead, the restless, almost bi-polar electorate handed part of the Federal Government back to those who caused most of our current problems. And we’re lucky they didn’t give it all back.

But our chance to move ahead was disrupted and the days forward no longer look so rosy. One mid-term election reduced our possibilities of an economic recovery.

Why are Americans so negative? Is it an unconsummated desire for change? Is it the smart ideas of the Tea Party and their incredible spate of candidates? If our problems weren’t so damn serious it would be laughable.

Tuesday was serious. It was devastating for the Democrats and gave new life to the Republicans; and a spattering of Tea Party candidates that don’t necessarily think and act like the Republican elite would like.

Republican’s took 60 plus seats back in the House and, though unable to take the Senate, reduced the Dems power to a small majority.

A recipe for success? More like a recipe for disaster!

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“Is the Chamber of Commerce a Subversive Organization?”

This new article was posted this morning on The Huffington Post and addresses the problems our democracy now faces after the horrendous ruling of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce campaigns against democracy and America!

With elections only days away this headline should run everyday in newspapers, magazines, on television and cable and shouted on the radio, accompanied by articles and segments naming the corporations like Dow Chemical, Prudential Insurance, Chevron Texaco, Goldman Sachs, and Aegon, exposing the millions of dollars they’ve given to the Chamber which has been converted to partisan ads, many of them dishonestly negative.

Recent actions of the Chamber of Commerce risk causing irreversible damage to our economy and our precious democracy!

Thanks to the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court eight months ago the Chamber of Commerce is pumping millions of dollars into mid-term campaigns—dollars meant to  influence close races throughout the country—without having to name the donors.

Their actions are negatively affecting the very democracy they claim to embrace and instead of helping small businesses the candidates they’re supporting could destroy them.

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“Losses by Whitman and Fiorina are Good for America!

Another of my articles has been posted on The Huffington Post on Wednesday. This is a must read article for voters in California. Wisconsin, Delaware, Nevada, alaska and Kentucky.


The two Republican Candidates will spend more than $260 million in California races!

It seems that voters of California have finally come to their senses. It’s a great thing for the country!

The most recent USC/Los Angeles Times Poll shows Edmund “Jerry” Brown with a 13 point lead over Republican hopeful Meg Whitman among likely voters. It also shows, despite earlier difficulties, that Senator Barbara Boxer has taken an eight point lead over Carly Fiorina at 50 percent to Fiorina’s 42 percent.

Despite spending $130 million of her own money Whitman finds her numbers sliding to 39% while Brown’s have risen to 52%. Brown has spent less than half of what the Whitman campaign has.

It appears that Californian’s have spurned the inanity of the Tea Party and are looking toward the health of the country and the state as priorities in their Senatorial and Gubernatorial selections. Californians have always led in putting the needs of the nation ahead of self-interest.

Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, though not as crazy as other candidates endorsed by the Tea Party, have little interest in ‘the people’ of California caring only about the power that these positions would give them.

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“How Independents Can Save the Country!”

My newest article has been posted on The Huffington Post under Politics. Click on the Huff Post link to read the article there.


Never in our history has the Independent vote been so crucial.

Independent voters are generally ignored—politically speaking—until the last month of an election. But today, unlike any election in the past, they hold the future of this country in their reasoned and sane hands.

Once again, in state after state, county after county, and city after city, Independent voters are given weak and—in numerous cases—horrific candidates! Yet again, we are called upon to choose the political direction of this country for the next two years.

Independents in America are angry about what’s happening to our country, as angry as the partisan evocatuers who have openly displayed their angst. The Tea Party .

The vocal displeasure of the Tea Partiers has had a major affect on candidate selection in primaries throughout the country. Their anger at incumbents has swept away a number of established politicians in favor of a more raucous, but seemingly out-of-touch, group of individuals with unrealistic aspirations of changing government. To say the least, Tea Partiers are motivated. That motivation has mostly affected right-wing candidates but may have ramifications on the left side of the aisle on November 2nd.

Control, in fact the direction of this mid-term election, lies in the motivation and the resolve of a more stable, more reasoned, and growing political group—Independents.

Independents have chosen to not be affiliated with either Democrats or Republicans. And for good reason!

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“America’s Challenges: A Crumbling Infrastructure!”

This article was posted on The Huffington Post on 9/21. You can read it on Huff Post by clicking on the link.


States, Municipalities, the Federal Government, and Corporations have sadly neglected our infrastructure!

The United States is hurting! States and municipalities are struggling and our infrastructure is badly in need of repair. We face enormous challenges but have so little available to fix them.

As described in the first paragraph of “Our Electorate: America’s Greatest Challenge!” The decaying infrastructure is one of the eight critical challenges this country faces. Repair of our infrastructure is long overdue.

We are just beginning to pay the price for years of misappropriation of tax dollars, under-taxation, tax loopholes, soft regulation, poor fiscal responsibility, lack of vision, and general neglect.

Disasters like the explosion this past week in San Bruno, California; the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis; The BP oil spill in the Gulf; the failure of the levies during Katrina, and the Massey mine disaster in West Virginia that caused 29 senseless deaths were not merely accidents. They were accidents waiting to happen!

What caused these incredible disasters?

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“Our Electorate: America’s Greatest Challenge!”

“Our Electorate: America’s Greatest Challenge” has just been posted on The Huffington Post under the Politics heading.  There will be a series of articles following this one addressing each of the challenges listed in the first paragraph…

For most of 30 years the U.S. has been heading in the wrong direction.

Our infrastructure is fractured; wealth has been redistributed unfairly; the economy is running on only six cylinders—on a good day; fearful corporations are hoarding rather than hiring; Congress is incapable of accomplishing anything meaningful; our education system has left us intellectually challenged; lying has become the cultural norm; and ignorant self-obsessed people have, somehow, achieved messianic status.

That’s only a few of our problems; some of our biggest challenges.

The most challenging problem for our now fragile democracy is our electorate. ‘By the people’ has never been as strained in our more than 200 year history. Not because of the fear of socialism, nor the threat of voter fraud. And it’s not the uncertainty of taxes or healthcare or birth certificates.

The problem is an uninformed electorate. To be more blunt, American voters are terribly misinformed. But they still get to vote; even though they’re insufficiently qualified.

How did this happen? How have so many people become so ignorant about important issues?

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“An Eye Doctor with Tunnel Vision!”

Tea Party candidate, Rand Paul, not exactly what this country needs!

On Tuesday the Tea Party declared victory in Kentucky when their preferred candidate, Rand Paul, defeated Mitch McConnell’s chosen candidate, Trey Grayson, in the Republican Senatorial Primary.

Now the Republican Party must deal with a candidate they didn’t support. One that is really a Libertarian—a Republican with myopia. As the Republican Party struggles to redefine their platform and to develop a message that a mixed up base can believe in, they have the Tea Party to contend with. Paul soundly defeated Kentucky’s Secretary of State with 59% of the vote to Grayson’s 35%. Paul will now face Attorney General, Jack Conway, who narrowly defeated Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo, 44% to 43% in their primary contest.

A Rasmussen telephone survey of 500 likely voters, taken just one day after the election, shows Paul leading Conway by a margin of 25% (59% to 34%).

But is Paul the candidate for Kentucky? Is he for the kind of change this country needs?

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“Is That All You’ve Got?” (reprise)

Six month’s ago when future Republican Presidential candidates were destroying themselves at an alarming rate I wrote the article “Is That All You’ve Got?

One of those defunct potential candidates tried to revive her aspirations with a book tour. Sarah Palin garnered large crowds at Grand Rapids, Michigan; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Columbus, Ohio. For some ungodly reason supporters want to meet her, even if for only 15 seconds, and read her book; a book written, not by her, but by a ghost writer.

At the Border’s bookstore in Columbus, Ohio a representative from NewLeftMedia interviewed people standing in line to get Sarah Palin’s book. I think you’ll find the interview enlightening. You can view it on YouTube and judge for yourselves. “Sarah Palin Book Signing – Interviews with Supporters

If this is a sample of the electorate that will possibly decide the fate of this country, then we are potentially in worse shape than I had ever imagined!

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