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“Supremely Fallacious”

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The High Court has lost its purpose and credibility!

After his incredulous statement, Justice Scalia’s qualifications for wearing the ‘Black Robe’ are once again being challenged. His reference to broccoli was innocuous compared to his newest, racially charged, utterance.

Recent statements by the Italian-American member of the Supreme Court have prompted discourse about his partiality and the damage that one-sidedness has done to the country. The court’s bias is also under constant scrutiny.

But Scalia is not the only Supreme Court Justice whose position’s have come under fire.

Will the court make a big mistake as they near a decision on voting rights?

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“Exposing Real Voter Fraud”

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Voter fraud has accelerated throughout the U.S. and must be stopped.

Voter fraud is a problem in as many as 33 states and people are demanding action to save our democracy.

It’s a malignancy that must be eradicated before it metastasizes to all 50 states, an unstoppable force that threatens to infect our electoral process — threatens to undermine our Constitution and freedoms.

How did it ever get this bad?

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“Our Electorate: America’s Greatest Challenge!”

“Our Electorate: America’s Greatest Challenge” has just been posted on The Huffington Post under the Politics heading.  There will be a series of articles following this one addressing each of the challenges listed in the first paragraph…

For most of 30 years the U.S. has been heading in the wrong direction.

Our infrastructure is fractured; wealth has been redistributed unfairly; the economy is running on only six cylinders—on a good day; fearful corporations are hoarding rather than hiring; Congress is incapable of accomplishing anything meaningful; our education system has left us intellectually challenged; lying has become the cultural norm; and ignorant self-obsessed people have, somehow, achieved messianic status.

That’s only a few of our problems; some of our biggest challenges.

The most challenging problem for our now fragile democracy is our electorate. ‘By the people’ has never been as strained in our more than 200 year history. Not because of the fear of socialism, nor the threat of voter fraud. And it’s not the uncertainty of taxes or healthcare or birth certificates.

The problem is an uninformed electorate. To be more blunt, American voters are terribly misinformed. But they still get to vote; even though they’re insufficiently qualified.

How did this happen? How have so many people become so ignorant about important issues?

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