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UnAmerican Activities: “An UnHealthy Debate”

Healthcare in the United States is a mess.

This country has never been more unRealistically divided on this big an issue in my lifetime.

What this debate needed was the Lion’s roar, the wise voice of its champion, Senator Ted Kennedy, who has been fighting for the people’s right to quality, affordable healthcare for 40 years.

Instead of a healthy debate over one of the most essential issues of our time, we got disruptive Town Hall meetings. Instead of having politicians debating intelligently the need for healthcare reform, we get Republicans who want to see President Obama defeated. Instead of discussing the need to cover the more than 45 million Americans without healthcare, we get death panels.

The inability of Congress to work together to develop a healthy plan for America is killing people—destroying the health of this nation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Quick Hit: “A Wild Ride on the Baltic”

This is not Monopoly nor is it Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland. This is serious and it’s not a ride the shipping industry wants to be on.

Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

On December 24th I wrote that the Baltic Dry Index had fallen for 14 straight days to a low of 3,005 and was threatening to fall below 3,000 for the first time since October 28th.

After the 1st of the year, the next 22 days the Index looked like a frenetic ride at the famed Disneyland Theme Park. Up and down it went reaching its high of 3,299 on January 15th. It toyed with the highs for the next 6 days, but on the 26th it began its recent decline.

With the exception of a couple small bumps, it has fallen to a low of 2,566. The last time it was below 2,600 was October 7th. It has fallen 2,095 points since its most recent high of 4,661 on November 19th.

The Index has again found its way upward and has risen 148 points to 2,714 over the last 4 days.

But still, the question should be posed.

Is the Baltic Dry Index signaling problems ahead?

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“An Economic View Into a New Decade”

The financial decade has ended and all evidence points to 10 years of nothing. That’s right, the stock market was actually down during the last decade!

A new decade has begun and with it comes high hopes for a much better decade than the last. At least for the market. The big question is, what will the next decade bring and what will the best bets be for investors?

As we entered 2000, a new millennium, we had what appeared to be a thriving economy. Jobs were plentiful, tech was booming, the country had a budget surplus, and a deficit of only $5 trillion.

A decade later we have unemployment at 10%, tech has leveled off and has moved to selling toys and gadgets, and the deficit climbed to $12 trillion. Banks are failing at an accelerating rate and big banks, those ‘Too Big to Fail’ after being pulled from the abyss with taxpayer money, are cheating the economy at a greater level than at any time since the 1920’s.

A lost decade? The worst in our nation’s history!

Are the prospects for a more prosperous decade any better than they were at the beginning of 2000?

Have conditions really improved? Read the rest of this entry »

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Quick Hit: “Maddeaux, Who Dat in the Big Easy?”

On Friday, Rachel Maddow (Maddeaux), and, Kent Jones, traveled to the delta to do her show from New Orleans.

It was a great idea and a great show that captured their resiliency, vibrance, and spirit. It also exhibited their excitment and enthusiasm for their Saints!

Who Dat? The New Orleans Saints, Dat’s Who!

Her guests included Dr. Norman Francis, President of Xavier University of Louisiana, who gave a brief history of bringing the Saints to New Orleans and the difficulties the city and the team had to overcome. Included a look at the levies with John Barry,  and discussion of the years of erosion caused upriver. Kent took us on a culinary adventure forcing us to watch him enjoy and incredible Po Boy sandwich. And Grammy Award winner Terrance Blanchard and bass player David Pulphus took us out, and on our way to the Super Bowl with a rousing version of “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

I’m sure that video of the show will be posted on The Rachel Maddow Show web site soon.

If you didn’t catch it live you can see it before the Super Bowl.

And after the game you might be yellin—Who Dat?

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“Is That All You’ve Got?” (reprise)

Six month’s ago when future Republican Presidential candidates were destroying themselves at an alarming rate I wrote the article “Is That All You’ve Got?

One of those defunct potential candidates tried to revive her aspirations with a book tour. Sarah Palin garnered large crowds at Grand Rapids, Michigan; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Columbus, Ohio. For some ungodly reason supporters want to meet her, even if for only 15 seconds, and read her book; a book written, not by her, but by a ghost writer.

At the Border’s bookstore in Columbus, Ohio a representative from NewLeftMedia interviewed people standing in line to get Sarah Palin’s book. I think you’ll find the interview enlightening. You can view it on YouTube and judge for yourselves. “Sarah Palin Book Signing – Interviews with Supporters

If this is a sample of the electorate that will possibly decide the fate of this country, then we are potentially in worse shape than I had ever imagined!

Read the rest of this entry »

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