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“A Path to Poverty!”

Paul Ryan’s budget plan will put America on a fast path to poverty.

Poverty in America is rising! And it’s getting uglier.

The country is dying: infrastructure decaying, housing decimated, politics corrupt, media biased, the rich greedy and dispassionate, wars suffocating—and that’s on a good day.

Though an eternal optimist it becomes increasingly difficult to find many positives in the current environment.

Especially when we learn that by the end of 2009, 43.6 million people were living in poverty which raises the level to 14.3% of our population. That number surely increased in 2010 while Jaime Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, and their colleague’s pay increased by several millions.

How many houses do they need? How many cars?

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“Slip Sliding Away!”

Republicans are eating away at everything that is great about democracy!

Paul Ryan introduced his Republican version of a budget, and like his Road Map for America’s Future, it’s aim is to privatize everything and destroy America.

The budget and deficit are in desperate need of adjustment and rebalancing, but Ryan’s plan fails in its exclusion of many equally important issues that need to be part of the discussion. This would include an honest evaluation and truthful discussion of taxes and past budget deficits.

As is typical of all Republican fiscal legislation, Ryan’s plan has the greatest impact on the most needy and transfers taxpayer money to corporations and wealthy Americans.

Can we really go down this destructive path?

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“Eight Banks Fail in April”

After a mild March six banks were closed on Friday!

Only three banks were closed by the FDIC in March, but the wind changed in April and bank closures increased dramatically. Eight banks have been seized by the FDIC in April with two Friday’s remaining in the month.

Georgia lost two more banks—the 7th and 8th of the year—and has now lost 59 banks since the crisis began. Illinois lost one in February, one in March, and now one in April for its 43rd lost bank, just 4 away from Florida with 47.

Are bank foreclosures, again, going to be a problem?

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“The President Caves and America Loses!”

As Democrats give-in to unreasonable Republican demands this country slides further downhill!

The agreement struck at the last hour on Friday, a vote to allow the government to pay its bills for one more week and not get shutdown, does little to reduce the deficit and more to destroy the middle-class.

A vibrant middle-class has been America’s strength and driver of growth for over 65 years. That is all about to end thanks to the insidious ideology of Reagan inspired Republicans and the insanity of the Tea Party.

In a last minute effort to prevent another government shutdown, President Obama, and, Majority Leader Harry Reid, gave up five-billion more in pain-inducing, economic-destroying spending cuts.

What about shared sacrifice?

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“Wisconsinites Strike the First Blow!”

This article was posted on The Huffington Post. Click on the link to read it on HuffPost.


The Supreme Court election in Wisconsin was the first battle in a protracted fight for democracy!

Wisconsin voters, angered by recent political developments in Wisconsin, turned out at the polls in huge numbers to vote for the Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates, David Prosser and JoAnne Kloppenburg. Wisconsin has become the battleground for the middle-class.

What appeared to be an easy reelection for incumbent Supreme Court Justice, David Prosser, ended up being a dead heat with newcomer, Assistant District Attorney, JoAnne Kloppenburg, the apparent winner by 204 votes. Kloppenburg recovered from a 30% deficit in the non-partisan election just two months ago. Nearly one-and-a-half-million voters cast their ballots on Wednesday.

This was a clear referendum against the anti-union stance taken by Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans. Other state’s Republican Governors, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, and New Jersey, have pushed a similar agenda in an effort to eliminate collective bargaining rights of public unions in their states and are facing the same resistance.

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Quick Hit: “Republican’s Shutdown America!”

The Republicans are once again going to shutdown the Government!

Unless Congress agrees to a stopgap resolution by Friday the U.S. Government will again default on its obligations as it did when Newt Gingrich and the Republicans did it in 1995.

The affects of a shutdown are varied depending on the level of reliance on the Federal Government and the length of the closure. But it will affect nearly everyone in the country by some degree.

We are in a more dire situation economically than we were in ‘95. A shutdown on Friday will have adverse affects on the fragile recovery.

Congressional members have reportedly voted to receive no pay during the shutdown. Does that extend to their staffs? Congressional staffs need to feel the same pain their prima donna bosses have caused others. Congressional members are going to categorize their staffs as essential, but Americans should consider that hypocrisy. A shutdown must affect everyone in Congress if it’s going to affect even one government employee.

But, let’s be perfectly clear about the cause of this shutdown; about who’s responsible for the pain and suffering hard-working Americans are experiencing and will feel as a result of a government shutdown.

The Republicans are shutting down the government.


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Up! Up! and Up! But Why?

Wall Street continues its climb in spite of the pain they’ve cause on Main Street.

The last two weeks the Street bounced back from its retreat to under 12,000 the previous week. The dow hit a yearly low of 11,613 and the S&P bottomed at 1,256 on Wednesday the 16th of March.

The bulls fight to keep the markets above 12 despite all the turmoil and chaos in the world. On Friday it closed at 12,373 after hitting nearly 12,420 earlier in the session.

Continuing unrest and disruptions in the Middle East, nuclear uncertainty in addition to the devastation in Japan, and financial disruption in Portugal and the United Kingdom, should have sent the market into a 500 or more point tailspin.

With all the uncertainty, why is the market still rising?

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“Decaffeinated Continuing Revolution Rally!”

A meager, but vocal group of Tea Partiers gathered in DC on Thursday.

They labeled it “The Continuing Revolution Rally.” A catchy name, but, this gathering of the Tea Party Patriots and a sundry group of congressional pols, paled in comparison to the scores of ‘grass-roots’ demonstrations in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

The demonstration called by the newly risen Tea Party Constitutional Maven, Michele Bachmann, attracted upwards of one-hundred people. Some have estimated the crowd as high as two-hundred.

At the same time, in tiny New Hampshire, more than 4,000 angered citizens of the Granite State demonstrated in front of the Capitol Building in Concord.

New Hampshire?

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