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“Key Elements to Lowering the Deficit”

This article was posted on The Huffington Post 9/6/11. To read it on HuffPo click on the link.


Nearly everyone agrees — the deficit is a problem and must be fixed.

Fixing this recessionary deficit will take time. Lots of time… and sacrifice. Lots of sacrifice!

There is no agreement in Congress on how deficit reduction can be fairly accomplished but, honest discourse is an absolute necessity. A few reasonable adjustments could put deficit reduction on a positive path in the short-term. There is much more involved in developing a long-term solution, but it’s also easily achievable.

Short-term, seven key elements must be considered including raising taxes and closing loopholes to increase revenues. Anyone who tells you we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem, and refuses to raise taxes is either ignoring the truth or stupid.

What will it take to restore fiscal responsibility?

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“Perry Fiddles While Paris Burns”

This article was posted on The Huffington Post on Thursday. To read it on HuffPost click on the link here


Rick Perry denies climate change on the campaign stump.

As Paris, Texas burns this summer under a punishing and unrelenting solar onslaught, Texas Governor, Rick Perry, declares that climate change, or global warming as he still calls it, is a myth perpetuated by climate scientists who manipulate data to receive more money for their research.

Record temperatures and record drought in the northern third of Texas, combined with disastrous fires consuming the southern third, are costing the state billions of dollars but do nothing to dissuade the Governor from his far right-wing position on climate.

Perry, citing contrarian scientists, dismisses the fact that 98 of 100 scientists believe accelerating climate change is the product of man.

Or is this strictly the hand of God?

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“A Grass Root’s Win In Wisconsin”

Posted on The Huffington Post on Friday, 8/19. Read it on HuffPo by clicking on the link here.


On Tuesday, Wisconsinites reclaimed democracy in a big way!

After four months the recall elections in six Senate Republican districts and three Democratic districts in Wisconsin have concluded. They were an important turning point for the nation.

In these historical recall elections, ‘the people’ took another big step on Tuesday reelecting the remaining two Senate Democrats after taking two of the seats the previous week in the six Republican recall elections. A big step in taking back our precious democracy which is under attack by right-wing factions, big corporations, big money, and ALEC.

With five victories in the recall elections Wisconsinites are one step closer to winning back the Senate from the Republicans.

Will this strong showing motivate other repressed people in other states?

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“Who’s Next: The Cowboy or the Thug?”

It’s not a very impressive Republican field for President for 2012.

Even Republicans are less than enamored by the current slate of candidates hopeful of becoming President.

And for good reason. Though things have changed, they’ve remained the same since I wrote the first article in the “Is That All You’ve Got?” Series.

Front runner, Mitt Romney, the apparent heir to the nomination in normal Republican politics, struggles to retain 30% even with this weak field.

There have been over 20 Republican presidential aspirant’s. Over half have either fallen off or declined to run. It has become a comedy of sorts and those remaining are doing stand-up.

But there is still hope among Republican powerbrokers. Several factions of the party have been actively courting two rising GOP stars trying to get them to throw their proverbial hats into the ring.

So, who’s next?

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Why Isn’t the Economy Recovering?”

Article was posted on The Huffington Post on 8/11/11. Click on link to read it on HuffPost.


For most Americans it has been a slow and painful recovery from this recession.

Analysts, politicians, and pundits continually offer excuses for the slowness of this recovery; and there are a multitude of excuses.

Most prominent among them is ‘the government,’ and the catch phrase being pushed, ‘uncertainty.’ It’s constantly stated, “businesses are reluctant to hire or grow, because of the uncertainty of government policies.”

They’ve blamed low income home buyers for the housing crisis; buying more home than they could realistic afford. They call them liar’s loans. But they hold corrupt mortgage lenders, Wall Street charlatans, and rating agencies, harmless.

Are there any other reasons the American economy is struggling?

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“The Rancid Taste of Tea”

This was posted on The Huffington Post, Friday, August 5th. Click on link to read it on HuffPost.


The Tea Party held the country hostage—and won!

Despite the posturing on both sides of the aisle over what they each achieved in the budget deal, neither party can claim victory. They both lost!

But there was one major loser—the American People.

The destructive 11th hour deal struck between the President and intransigent Republicans—intransigence fueled by an uncompromising Tea Party faction who were able to hold raising the debt limit hostage to achieve huge spending cuts—hurts a lot of people.

Were there any winners?

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“Send In the Clowns”

Posted on The Huffington Post on Tuesday, August 3rd. Click on link to read it on HuffPost.


Republicans seem to be getting crazier with every election!

Tennessee Representative, Marsha Blackburn’s, appearance on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell a week ago on Monday night begged the question—what is wrong with the Republican Party?

The party that collectively invokes Ronald Reagan at every possible opportunity would have difficulty nominating the Gipper to represent their ideals today. He would be too moderate for the scattered, displaced, sometimes on the edge of insanity, Republican Party.

What has caused this extreme change in the Party of Lincoln?

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