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“Who’s Next: Newt?”

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Republicans’ struggle to find a credible presidential candidate.

I began writing this article several weeks ago when charges of sexual harassment threatened the Cain candidacy and his numbers began to slide. Cain’s campaign was imploding but I got distracted by other, more serious issues.

And even though it was intended to continue the spoof of the Republican presidential field that began with “Is That All You’ve Got?,” I never imagined that Gingrich would be the next to rise to the top.

But — in this strange right-wing political world — he has!

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“Not the America I Envisioned”

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This is not the country I grew up in…

…nor is it the country I want my kids and grandkids to grow up in.

This country, America, has become ugly, and it’s my generation that has made it this way.

With the incredible amount of corruption and deceit that has overtaken the nation it no longer resembles the great country our forefathers envisioned over 235 years ago.

As we age we remember the good times and suppress the bad. The ‘good ole days.’ Nostalgic remembrances of happy times of our youth and carefree young adulthood. This phenomenon helps us cope in later years with a world that seems to speed up; a world that threatens to leave us hopelessly behind.

And the world is definitely racing ahead.

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“Super Failure?”

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With a looming deadline the Super Committee is under tremendous pressure.

As November 23rd closes in, the 12 members of the Super Committee (Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction) are being approached, attacked, pushed, cajoled, advised, and pressured, from all sides.

The difficult task of finding $1.5 trillion in deficit reductions has fallen into the laps of 12 hand selected members of Congress, six from the House and six from the Senate. Some have called it a daunting task. One-point-five trillion does seem like a lot of money! But their time horizon is 10 years.

An entire decade to reduce the deficit by only $150 billion a year?


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“Siege in Oakland’s Ogawa Plaza”

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Three weeks ago a peaceful Occupy protest was disrupted by the Oakland Police!

On that Tuesday night Oakland and neighboring police departments turned Frank Ogawa Plaza into a war zone.

More than 300 officers from the Oakland Police Department and 18 local departments, in full battle gear, surrounded Frank Ogawa Plaza prepared to evict 100 people from the Occupy site.

Oakland PD, in a press release, cited health and safety concerns as reasons for removing the protesters. It was to be closed for cleaning and vector control then reopened to the people.

So, why were they dressed in riot gear when what they needed was HazMat gear?

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“Kasich’s Issue In Ohio”

Ohioans vote tomorrow — a referendum on Governor Kasich!

Voters will go to the polls to vote on Tuesday with Issue 2, the bill that will repeal the controversial anti-collective bargaining bill, Senate Bill 5, drawing national attention.

Governor Kasich, like his counter-part in Wisconsin, began pushing controversial issues from the minute he took office. And, like Governor Walker in Wisconsin, raised the ire of Ohio citizens.

We Are Ohio, the group that opposes SB5, needed to get 231,000 signatures to get Issue 2 on the ballot to repeal the controversial legislation. They gathered 1.3 million people to sign the petition and 915,000 were certified. That’s nearly four times what was needed.

Governor Kasich’s agenda, fresh from the ALEC playbook and pushed by the other new Republican Governors, is an effort to strip and privatize; strip public employee rights in hopes of privatizing some public functions that will be subsidized by taxpayers money.

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