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“The Two Faces of Mitt”

Mitt Romney has a problem connecting with ‘real’ people.

He’s been chosen to represent the Republican Party, having tied up the delegates a couple of weeks ago in Texas. Now he’s finding it difficult to change his strategy — and his message. He thinks he can do that with an Etch-a-Sketch.

But, the nominee of the Republican Party is still having difficulty convincing people of his sincerity despite being the presumptive nominee for several months.

Even to his own party — a party that has been slow to rally behind their newly nominated candidate — struggles with Mitt.

Why can’t the successful businessman gain traction?

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“What If He Wasn’t Black?”

Are Americans’ opinion of the President influenced by race?

It’s a question that must be broached when assessing the job President Barack Obama has done and whether he’s deserving of another four year term.

When the people elected Obama they were hungry for change, tired of partisan politics, aware of failing banks and a financial crisis driving us into recession, weary of endless wars in the middle-east, and losing jobs at the highest rate in over 70 years.

Barack Obama, unlike John McCain, represented hope and change; a chance to restore America to its past glory.

So, how has he done?

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“Defeating Walker’s Right-Wing Money Machine”

The tainted politician receives millions from outside interests!

Scott Walker, the short-term Governor of Wisconsin, is nothing more than a right-wing operative; a tool for the subversive and restrictive agenda of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

His policies have hurt Wisconsin, and hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites have joined to recall the controversial Governor.

How important is the recall of Governor Walker?

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