“An Eye Doctor with Tunnel Vision!”

Tea Party candidate, Rand Paul, not exactly what this country needs!

On Tuesday the Tea Party declared victory in Kentucky when their preferred candidate, Rand Paul, defeated Mitch McConnell’s chosen candidate, Trey Grayson, in the Republican Senatorial Primary.

Now the Republican Party must deal with a candidate they didn’t support. One that is really a Libertarian—a Republican with myopia. As the Republican Party struggles to redefine their platform and to develop a message that a mixed up base can believe in, they have the Tea Party to contend with. Paul soundly defeated Kentucky’s Secretary of State with 59% of the vote to Grayson’s 35%. Paul will now face Attorney General, Jack Conway, who narrowly defeated Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo, 44% to 43% in their primary contest.

A Rasmussen telephone survey of 500 likely voters, taken just one day after the election, shows Paul leading Conway by a margin of 25% (59% to 34%).

But is Paul the candidate for Kentucky? Is he for the kind of change this country needs?

Kentucky’s representation in the Senate has been suspect for some time with Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning. The big question is, would Rand Paul be an improvement for Kentucky politics?

Kentucky’s two Senators have voted against their electorate’s best interests for years, yet the voters of the blue grass state reelect the same ineffective politicians and send them back to Washington to do their bidding. Einstein once defined insanity as: ‘doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.’ The voters in Kentucky have to determine whether a vote for Paul would take them down the same tired path.

Paul’s appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show may have answered that question. The exchange was interesting to say the least.

Paul’s inability to answer the direct questions posed by Maddow spoke volumes. His political dance, incessant political speak designed to avoid answering the question, was blatantly obvious in the interview. Did he expose his political incompetence?

Political incompetence has become the norm and not the exception.

Out of anger at the horrific job Congress is doing voters are looking for something different. They should be looking for someone who will vote in their best interests. Today different can be a good thing unless the difference equates to craziness; especially a craziness that adds another new element to incompetence.

The Tea Party, as evidenced by their selection of candidates, is selecting people representative of that uninformed craziness.

Though Democrats have not been the best stewards of the country or our democracy, this country can ill-afford a Tea Party agenda.

Electing people like Rand Paul to join the inanity of Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Marsha Blackburn, Jim DeMint, Virginia Cox, Joe Brown, James Inhoufe and a multitude of others, would be even more destructive to our democracy.

The Tea Party is right. We should be working for change; change that will work for the people and loosen the stranglehold corporate America has on Congress. We are in dire need of statesmen, politicians with unwavering integrity, who will do the right thing for America regardless of the ramifications.

Instead, we’re getting candidates like Rand Paul. Someone who would essentially set democracy back 50 years.

As a disabled veteran, I find his views on the American’s with Disabilities Act somewhat frightening. Likewise, his position on Civil Rights is equally disturbing.

There is truly an anti-incumbent mentality sweeping across the country. The Kentucky race, however, wasn’t about incumbency, but retention. The Republican Party desperately wants to hold on to the Kentucky Senate seat. Are they willing to embrace Rand Paul? Even if Paul is not the answer for Kentucky nor for America?

The Tea Party movement is what America—what democracy— is about. Their plan to replace inadequate legislators, and their ability to mobilize a sizable portion of the population into action, is admirable. But their message is mixed and the inability to clearly identify the problems this country faces and how to fix them do nothing to correct the malignancy in politics that has metastasized over the past 30 years.

To properly excise the malignancy we must be able to identify those representatives that fail to represent the people; the most important reason for being in Congress. The Tea Party has been incapable of identifying who’s fighting the right battles and who’s not. This is further defined by the House and Senate members they’ve aligned with at the many of the gatherings throughout the country. Some seated politicians that are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tea Partiers and leading the cheer are some of the worst lawmakers in Congress.

We can not approach the needs of this nation myopically. We have complex problems in this country and it appears that Congress is either ill-equipped or too self-absorbed to aggressively address our important issues.

We do need change. We desperately need to elect smarter people to Congress; representatives with less of a personal agenda and more of a people agenda! Change must be for the better, or we will have achieved nothing!

We need legislators with vision, not tunnel vision!

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