“The Psychology of $4.00 a Gallon”

Oil companies are playing games with our heads and our wallets!

Disruption of oil production in Libya, the turmoil in Bahrain, and potential of unrest in Saudi Arabia are being blamed for the sudden rise in the price of oil and gasoline.

The American people are being lied to by Big Oil Companies and the people have little recourse.

Republican House members voted to continue the Big Oil subsidies despite record quarterly profits last quarter and huge profits in previous quarters.

That’s taxpayer money being given to private companies that are screwing the same taxpayers with a manufactured oil crisis.

Every single Republican Representative voted for big oil and against the American people. Every damn one of these sleazeballs!

But it’s the application of oil psychology that’s killing the American consumer.

Oil companies have discovered American consumer tolerance and are applying that knowledge to their economic advantage. They prey on our complacency.

The American consumer appears to have a four-dollar-a-gallon threshold. Big Oil is gambling that a higher tolerance may be achievable—possibly four twenty-five or as high as four-fifty—with continued volatility in the Middle-East.

Despite current weekly EIA data, oil and gas prices continue to hit higher highs and higher lows. Inventories remain at all-time highs while imports are down and demand is flat.

Every time gas prices drop you can almost hear a perceptible sigh across the nation. But prices never return to the levels they were before. They always settle a little higher than the previous low price. Americans have been programmed to accept any decline from the high prices as acceptable.

Gluttonous Americans are being constantly manipulated by big oil and they remain clueless.

Congress has proven to be little help, and is, for the most part, complicit. They are bought and sold by big business and big oil and have no desire to find relief for the average American.

But average Americans keep reelecting the same complicit representatives to Congress; elected officials, who have no desire to represent their constituents’ interests. Their incentive is to do the bidding of corporations—plain and simple.

It’s not the highs, now over $4.00 per gallon in California, that are ultimately important to the oil companies, but the more American consumers will tolerate, the easier it is to achieve their ultimate goal—increasing the psychological bottom.

Americans are gluttonous pigs. Oil companies understand and exploit this. They rely on our inability to conserve. This makes consumers extremely malleable and susceptible to three dollar gasoline when the fundamental price should be two dollars.

Until the citizens awaken from their self-centered stupor and do the right thing for society, the right thing for the environment, the right thing for the country, we will continue to be trapped in this quagmire, relying on the Middle-East to supply the crap we use to keep America moving, happy that gasoline isn’t $4.00 a gallon yet remaining helplessly tied to foreign oil and speculators.

There has never been a better time to do the responsible thing. If this country is to survive we must break our dependence on oil. It’s time for action!

In order to do that we must wean Congress, and especially Republicans, from the corruption of corporate money. We have to change their destructive behavior—demand pursuit of alternative energy sources with the same fervor that allowed us to put a man into space.

We must demand that the oil subsidies be withdrawn and used for greater good. Use part of the $38 billion to convert our national trucking fleet to natural gas. And expand high speed rail in the same way Eisenhower expanded the Interstate Highway system.

Demand that Congress do something constructive for a change instead of the destructive things they do!

Americans must quit being so easily manipulated.

Let’s break the cycle of manipulation and elect politicians who care about ‘the people,’ about the environment, and about the security of our nation; selfless statesmen and stateswomen who believe in the greater good and not just wielding their ill-gotten power.

Four-dollar gas? We’ve already reached that threshold.

Enough is enough!

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