“A Fascist Regime in Wisconsin!”

The battle between hard-working Wisconsinites and Wisconsin’s Legislature rages on!

As this situation has escalated things have gotten uglier and more childish.

Republicans in Wisconsin’s state house continue their push to break up the public employees unions amidst declining citizen support.

Though the Wisconsin unions have agreed to all budgetary demands Governor Walker requested, he is insistent on breaking the union; eliminating collective bargaining for public workers. He is determined to turn Wisconsin into a fascist state employing fascist tactics to achieve his goals.

Of the 14 characteristics of fascism, Scott Walker and his comrades in the legislature are exploiting eight of them, obliterating some of the most sacred freedoms of a democracy.

The Governor, on Wednesday, issued an unlawful arrest order for the 14 Democrat Senators who fled the state to preserve democracy and protect Wisconsin’s citizens. A distinctive move in a fascist regime. In his decision, Walker clearly overstepped his gubernatorial powers, trampling civil liberties—moving ever closer to fascism.

Is Walker A Fascist? Is Senator Grothman, or Majority Leader Fitzgerald? Are the rest of the Republican Senators?

That’s not something that can be stated absolutely, but the indications are there. Their intransigent actions match eight of the 14 characteristics. Watching and listening to them one could easily make the case. At the least, they’re just bullies who are attempting a power grab.

They all show disdain for human rights and for intellectuals and the arts. Employees of the state are clearly scapegoats in their rush to give away state treasure to corporations and individuals who supported Governor Walker’s campaign.

More clearly, they are attempting to suppress labor, further destroying the middle-class and protecting the rise of corporate power and control.

What is most contemptible is their use of lies and manipulation to control and spin the message and the extension of these falsifications on The Fox Network. Control of the media is an important component of fascist ascendancy.

This is especially true of Majority Whip Glenn Grothman who is adept at misinformation and omission in his frequent television interviews.

The fight against fascism is a difficult and arduous battle, but a heroic one. Usually it is too late because the control necessary to turn the people is firmly in place by the time it is discovered. But Governor Walker has awakened a complacent citizenry further exposed by the heroic and swift actions of 14 Democrats willing to make extreme sacrifices for ‘the people’ of Wisconsin.

The disagreement has become petty on the part of Republicans who have stripped copy privileges for Democrat Senators’ staff, taken away the Senators’ parking spaces, withheld their paychecks, and have locked a Capital Building that has always remained open. What began as an assault on Wisconsin employees has escalated to an assault on legislators who oppose their oppressive ideology.

Recent polls, including the right-leaning Rasmussen Poll, indicate ‘the people’ support hard-working Americans’ right to collectively bargain and reject Governor Walker’s strong-arm, thug-like tactics. In some polls 70% are siding with the unions, but in nearly every poll over 60% support the unions.

What began as a fight for workers’ rights has spread to a battle of cultures; a fight against the ills of fascism. This is happening in a number of midwestern states and New Jersey where newly elected Republican Governors move to implement their corporatist agendas under the guise of budget deficits.

Up to eight Republican Senators in Wisconsin are now facing recall movements, in their districts. Wisconsinites are angered by Walker’s attempt to rob the poor and give to the rich and the support of his Republican henchmen. They’re angered that the Koch brothers were allowed to meddle in Wisconsin politics.

Staging locations are being set up all over the state to gather the required signatures to recall Senators from Green Bay to La Cross, from Milwaukee to Fon du Lac.

The great state of Wisconsin has turned ugly and the ebullience of their Packers’ Super Bowl victory has been short-lived, supplanted by an ugly threat to democracy, perpetrated by Scott Walker.

Fascism in Wisconsin?

Not if the citizens of Wisconsin stand resolute against the storm—together, supported by most Americans.

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