“Are Republican Governors Killing America?”

New Republican Governors are clearly misreading their mandate!

The People’ in many states are realizing the mistake they made in the 2010 elections and are fighting back.

Destroying working families by breaking the unions is not an isolated case. It’s not happening only in Wisconsin. It’s going down in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Idaho, Virginia, and New Jersey. Thanks to poster child, Scott Walker, it’s now obvious that this job-killing action is an ideology aimed at destroying any opposition to the corporatist take-over building for over 30 years.

Governors warn of catastrophic consequences of state deficits while giving away hundreds-of-millions in taxpayer dollars to corporations and campaign donors creating an even greater shortfall. They hope their citizens are too stupid to see what they’re doing.

Was this the mandate the voters gave Governors?

Voters across the country, frustrated by unemployment, the housing crisis, and life’s suffocating struggles, were again looking for change. Many found it in the campaign promises of Republican candidates.

Right-wing candidates at all levels promised to create jobs and fix deficits; the major concerns of the electorate. During the campaign they succeeded at placing blame for the unemployment, the deficit, and uncontrolled spending on the shoulders of Democrats.

And ‘the people’ bought it!

The result—voters elected more Republican Governors, state politicians, and national congressional representatives changing the balance of power.

These new electees’ went right to work making changes. But, tragically, they began initiating causes that were not issues in their campaigns.

The House of Representatives repealed healthcare as promised, then went to work attacking non-existent federally funded abortions, subsidized heating for the elderly and infirm, the Head Start Program, and retaining huge oil subsidies for Big Oil companies.

Governors and state legislators’ immediately reduced taxes for the rich and increased corporate tax deductions. Then they went to work to break up the unions.

Job creation and deficit reduction? Not yet!

None of their actions produce a single job or significantly reduced the deficits. In fact most will cost jobs and increase deficits in individual states and throughout the country.

The bipartisan CBO, (Congressional Budget Office) estimated repeal of the healthcare bill would add $230 billion to the deficit. Thank God the Senate killed the House’s indiscriminate decision.

After just three months voters are beginning to have buyers remorse.

It hasn’t taken long for the job-killing, union-killing, teacher-bashing, middle-class-destroying Republicans to push their hidden agenda and expose their ‘real’ intentions.

If allowed to succeed their agenda will kill America.

Governors of 14 states have played their hands and, like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, have awakened a complacent middle-class. They’re now determined to resist this nation-killing agenda — steeled by the attempt to strip them of their dignity.

It’s obvious Republican Governors don’t care about their hard-working citizens. They don’t give a damn about America’s working class.

In fact, it is near impossible to find any Republican politician who cares about hard-working Americans. Their disdain for what our forefathers created becomes more transparent every day, with every giveaway, and every decision.

The drive to Plutocracy, their thirst for an Oligarchy, has been exposed. It’s time those they trample — the down-trodden 99% of this nation’s population — fight back.

It’s time to kick ass before Scott Walker and the other Republican puppets destroy the greatness of this country.

America is great as a democracy! Has thrived as a free country!

It will die as a Plutocracy!

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