Quick Hit: “Against the Will of the People!”

Wisconsin Republicans have started the revolution!

With slick, fascist type swiftness, 18 Senators reversed 50 years of good politics against the will of the citizens.

The late night antic has not really gotten out to the citizens yet, but the anger will be elevated when Wisconsinites awaken to the news.

It is now clear that Scott Walker is the front man for this Republican/Fascist grab for power, stripping union rights from hard-working people. Americans will not tolerate this threat to democracy.

The way the conference was handled, the way Majority Leader Fitzgerald conducted the meeting was not only unlawful, but was an ugly example of fascism.  Fitzgerald was unwilling to listen to the impassioned argument of Representative Peter Barca who, by-way-of a letter from the current Republican Attorney General, point out the illegality of the Senator’s actions.

I asked in “A Fascist Regime in Wisconsin?” Is Senator Fitsgeralds a fascist?

The question has been answered. His insistence in acting against the will of the people in this irresponsible manner is clearly a fascist tactic.

The hard-working people of Wisconsin have proven their resolve and were arriving at the Capitol Building as soon as work got out of the vote.

Wisconsinites appear ready to rise up against the illegal actions of Governor Scott Walker and House and Senate Republicans. Democracy will defeat Fascism every time.

Unlike the manufactured Tea Party demonstrations, these are real grass roots movements of passionate Wisconsin citizens; and in much greater numbers that Tea Party events including those that were publicized for weeks, including promotions by Fox News.

Others must rise up, in Michigan, Indiana, Idaho, and any other state that chooses fascism over democracy.

Recall petitions are being circulated to recall Wisconsin Senators, eight of them Republicans: Robert Cowles, Alberta Darling, Glenn Grothman, Sheila Harsdorf, Randy Hopper, Dan Kapanke, Luther Olsen , and Mary Lazich. Eight Democrat Senators have also been targeted for recall, but unlike the recall of the Republicans, the recall of Democrats seems to be started by an organization outside of the state of Wisconsin.

This fight in Wisconsin has gone beyond recall. This is potentially the start of the revolution.

The revolution has begun and it begins tonight in Madison, Wisconsin.

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