“The Banksters: An Oscar Winning Performance”

Oscar Winning “Inside Job” exposed the criminals of the banking crisis!

As a result of the hard-hitting documentary, the criminals have been rounded up, tried, convicted, and incarcerated in maximum level confinement.

Their families are outraged, claiming they are being treated like caged animals; treated like Bradley Manning—isolated and stripped of their rights and visitation privileges. They are calling for fair and humane treatment, including access to their overpaid attorneys.


There are no banksters in prison?

No one has been convicted?

In a decent world, every single one of the individuals exposed by Charles Ferguson’s, “Inside Job,” would be in prison for the obvious crimes they’ve committed.

The list of these thieves is incredible: Hank Paulson, Richard Fuld, Joseph Cassano, Robert Ruben, Kenneth Lewis, Lloyd Blankfein, Franklin Raines, Lawrence Summers, Angelo Mozilo, Alan Greenspan, and the list continues into the hundreds including current CEO’s and Board Members of financial institutions bailed out by taxpayers.

But in this disgusting country wealthy crooks like these get a pass and still roam free while their successors continue to wreak havoc on the nation, bilking the American people and taking the same economic risks that destroyed millions of hard-working people throughout the world—stealing their money, homes, children’s education, and retirements.

Even those on the fringe: Milton Freidman, Bill Clinton, Glenn Hubbard, Ben Bernanke, and Christopher Cox are guilty—accomplices in the financial meltdown and the transfer of taxpayer money—and should be in chains.

Regulators, Representatives, Senators, and those at rating agencies like Moody’s and Fitch, should be tried for their diabolical parts in the financial sector’s criminal activities.

Viewing “Inside Job,” should be required in every business school, every college political science class, and every ethics class.

Politicians like, Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, who voted against the destructive 1999 Gramm/Leach/Bliley Act, but has not seen “Inside Job.” He is now calling attempts to regulate and modify loans to repair the transgressions of the past 10 years, a “shakedown,” rather than work on a fair solution.

Partisan hypocrisy of this nature stymies any hope of rebalancing America. As the ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee he should have fought harder to break up the behemoths of finance that caused the crisis. Instead, he stood silent. Instead of supporting castration he allowed his colleagues to give banks Viagra and Cialis.

Was Obama unaware of the history’s of  his financial team? Or was he complicit when appointing Summers, and Geithner, or listening to Ruben? Was he equally tunnel-visioned in listening to Emanuel or replacing him with Daley? Are their any improprieties that keep him from properly dealing with the banks and banksters? It is beginning to appear that way.

Despite his numerous failures and the long-term consequences of some of his policies and ideologies, Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department convicted hundreds of banksters in the Savings & Loan scandals. Yet the combined Bush and Obama administration’s have convicted no one! Not a single son-of-a-bitch has gone to jail despite stealing billions of dollars and causing a global crisis.

Inside Job” deserved the Oscar but its message cannot end with this prestigious award, the highest accolade for any documentary. Its victory and revelations must be extended and lead to the conviction of those who stole from millions of people and families, who failed in their fiduciary responsibility. They must pay the price for the destruction, pain, and suffering they’ve caused.

Free market capitalism is not predatory capitalism. These executives, were and are, predators.

Predators cannot go unpunished in a free society, if that free society is to remain vital.

The message found in “Inside Job” is crystal clear.

Convict the criminals. Sentence them to interminable hells.

Anything short of long-term, sequestered incarceration is criminal.

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One Response to ““The Banksters: An Oscar Winning Performance””

  1. mattg says:

    Yes, every American citizen should be forced to watch “Inside Job” so that they clearly understand how we got into our current economic malaise and who is responsible.

    Millions of American families are out of their homes because of the housing crisis created by “Banksters”, who committed clear, unadulterated fraud. These families are taking responsibility for their decisions that aggravated the situation and are paying the consequences. But where is the accountability for those who lied, cheated and stole to enrich themselves at the expense of our economy? In the immortal words of Bob Dylan: “Money doesn’t talk, it swears!”