On April 8th the Government of the U.S. may close it’s doors…

…defaulting on its obligations and plunging an already fragile global economy into chaos!

As the two political parties battle, one blinded by ideology and motivated by greed, the other insufferably timid, the nation holds its breath.

Republicans want to kill the country and still pay the doctors. Democrats want to continue trying to resuscitate it after the Bush Administration killed it.

The disruptive faction of the Republican party—Tea Party newcomers—are adamant that Republicans stick to the $61 billion in Republican proposed spending cuts; reductions that will ultimately weaken the U.S. economy.

Democrats, on the other hand, claim to be for more responsible cuts; reductions that won’t hurt those that need assistance most and not slow or destroy the recovery.

Which side is virtuous in this struggle?

The battle is being fought for either ‘the people’ or for corporations.

It is not difficult to figure out who the corporatist’s are in Congress.

What both parties fail to realize  is how insignificant their useless and endless battle over the proposed cuts is. The amount they’re battling over is a mere drop-in-the-bucket compared with a $1.5 trillion budget. And the proposed cuts are ide-illogical—destructive to the country’s well-being.

Together they have destroyed what was precious about democracy and America. Their proposed cuts do nothing to improve the deteriorating conditions they’ve created.

There are things they could do to save this country but, after years of ineptness, duplicity, and corruption they are unwilling to do the right thing. That would require admitting their failures. Exposing themselves to the wrath of those they were supposed to represent.

Though the Democrats are more noble in this conflict of wills, the best thing that could happen would be a complete shutdown of the current government.

We can no longer afford the lies of the Republicans nor the timidity of the Democrats.

Proposed budget cuts are not only petty, but destructive. Neither party addresses the real economic issues that would turn this country around.

Failure to address big issues—the costs of the wars, the damage rising health care does to the economy, the problems extension of the upper bracket tax cuts has created, why corporations are paying less than 7% in taxes, how outsourcing is destroying America’s middle-class, why big banks continue to rape the people, how much money we waste on defense, the rising costs of education—is not only unethical but unrealistic.

There are much better and more efficient ways to cut spending and reduce the deficit. Ending the wars could reduce the deficit by as much as $250 billion over the next two years. Reducing big oil subsidies could pay for the entire clean energy portion of the budget.

Eliminating corporate tax loopholes and demanding that corporations pay their fair share of taxes could add over $50 billion to tax revenues each year. Two-thirds of American corporations paid no tax in 2009. General Electric, despite making over $14 billion received a rebate from the IRS of $4.2 billion.

Taxing corporations for off-shoring American jobs could increase government tax revenues by a combined $100 billion each year and make it more beneficial for corporations to bring jobs back to America’s workers.

Eric Cantor and Tea Party Freshmen want to cut services to the poor and most needy Americans rather than acting on the real solutions listed above.

The only way Republicans can avoid another shutdown—like the one Newt Gingrich and the Republican Congress caused in 1995—is to work with Democrats to identify and make responsible cuts instead of the job-killing, economy-destroying slashes Cantor and Tea Partiers are forcing.

Shutting down the government hurt the Republicans before. The economy is far more fragile today than it was in 1995!

A shutdown this time, forced by the Republican’s unwillingness to compromise will be destructive and damaging to an already fractured Party.

Closed! It may not be a good thing for the economy, but may be the best thing for politics.

The time is ripe for change!

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