“Decaffeinated Continuing Revolution Rally!”

A meager, but vocal group of Tea Partiers gathered in DC on Thursday.

They labeled it “The Continuing Revolution Rally.” A catchy name, but, this gathering of the Tea Party Patriots and a sundry group of congressional pols, paled in comparison to the scores of ‘grass-roots’ demonstrations in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

The demonstration called by the newly risen Tea Party Constitutional Maven, Michele Bachmann, attracted upwards of one-hundred people. Some have estimated the crowd as high as two-hundred.

At the same time, in tiny New Hampshire, more than 4,000 angered citizens of the Granite State demonstrated in front of the Capitol Building in Concord.

New Hampshire?

They, like hard-working Americans in the other states, are tired of being asked to share all of the sacrifice for state’s budget problems.

In Washington, the Tea Partiers gathered to send the GOP a message. No budget compromise, or else! The ‘or else’ being primary challenges in the next election.

New Tea Party member’s voices, with their desire to wag the dog and push a scorched earth budget cutting agenda, may be fading.

Not only are their $61 billion in proposed cuts unreasonable, but are job-killing. Moody’s Mark Zandi estimates the budget cuts could cost 700,000 jobs.

Republican establishment understands the necessity of compromise to avoid facing an even greater electoral challenge next election from Democrats. But the Tea Party members view compromise as a betrayal.

The public is becoming increasingly aware of the Republican and Tea Party’s destructive agenda. Cutting Meals-On-Wheels, Planned Parenthood, Head Start, energy assistance for the elderly, and NPR while giving millions in tax breaks to millionaires and corporations is becoming less tolerated.

The establishment of the party is cognizant of the unrest and the building anger their Republican brethren in state after state are facing, and fear the same backlash if their strong stance forces a shutdown of the government in this already strained economy.

Weak Tea Party attendance on Thursday, the same day throngs of New Hampshirites turned out, is a sign of diminishing Tea Party influence.

As the mood around the country changes and builds in opposition to the Draconian cuts Republicans are proposing, the necessity for compromise grows.

At the rally Representative Mike Pence, who is becoming more Tea Party every day, proclaimed, “It’s time to pick a fight.” Is he unaware that every fight his party has picked recently has been soundly rejected? One would think that a rally this small would dictate a greater level of humility.

The Tea Party faction of the Republican Party has rejected another Continuing Resolution; opting to shutdown the government if their budget demands are not met.

As the Tea Party loses steam their message loses its power. But on the floor of the Senate on Thursday, Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, stated,“the goals of the Tea Party sound pretty reasonable.” The demonstrations against Republican Governors around the country portend differently!

It is time to reject the inanity of the Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell’s.

The message of the Tea Party that stimulated the electorate and energized the minority faction to pump up the volume, suffered a huge set-back on Thursday. A sign that the Tea Party will have difficulty continuing the revolution.

Thursday’s rallies were evidence of an awakening, a rebirth of ‘real’ democracy—huge demonstrations ‘of the people,’ ‘by the people,’ and ‘for the people.’

A good sign that the country’s returning to sanity!

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