“A Path to Poverty!”

Paul Ryan’s budget plan will put America on a fast path to poverty.

Poverty in America is rising! And it’s getting uglier.

The country is dying: infrastructure decaying, housing decimated, politics corrupt, media biased, the rich greedy and dispassionate, wars suffocating—and that’s on a good day.

Though an eternal optimist it becomes increasingly difficult to find many positives in the current environment.

Especially when we learn that by the end of 2009, 43.6 million people were living in poverty which raises the level to 14.3% of our population. That number surely increased in 2010 while Jaime Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, and their colleague’s pay increased by several millions.

How many houses do they need? How many cars?

A plan, unveiled by Representative Paul Ryan two weeks ago, touted as a plan to return the country to fiscal responsibility and growth, does neither. It may even do the opposite.

His proclaimed “Path to Prosperity” through austerity, privatization, and vouchers is a thinly disguised transfer of wealth. It will do little to create jobs or stimulate the economy. It is smoke and mirrors.

In fact, it will give individuals like Dimon, and Blankfein, hundreds-of-thousands in tax breaks while throwing thousands more into poverty over the ten years of his proposed budget.

I could do a better job of balancing the budget and reducing the deficit on a bar napkin.

There are many definitions for a man like Ryan, some less complimentary than others. Charlatan, con-man, impostor, and shyster all come to mind and are some of the nicer ones, yet very much apropos.

Seniors are beginning to understand the nation-killing impact of his plan and are expressing their frustrations at town hall meetings, not only in Ryan’s district, but other Republican representative’s districts as well.

His proposal is yet another failed Republican policy that leads us further down the path to poverty, exacerbating class warfare.

Messing with Medicare is something seniors will not tolerate. But, eliminating food stamps, head start, meals on wheels, and energy assistance programs for the elderly in a time of recession is not tolerable either.

The American people are waking up to the hidden agenda of Ryan and the Republicans and the attempt to make middle and lower income Americans pay for the indiscretions of the wealthy class. All but four Republicans voted for the Ryan Plan.

Republican bait and switch politics is not sitting well with constituents, who are catching on to their hidden agenda. This cannot continue if we want to return to our previous greatness.

Our country was at its best when we fostered a strong middle-class — hard-working, product-producing Americans — who received fair wages for their hard work. But now, the chasm is as wide as it was in the late twenties. The United States cannot survive with only two disparate classes of citizens.

Dissecting the numbers, as The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities did, Ryan’s plan yields just $155 billion in deficit reduction over the decade. That’s only $15 billion per year. Only one-fifth of what eliminating the Bush tax cuts on the top 2% would yield.

The greedy are being taxed a the lowest effective rate in nearly 60 years.

Instead of recouping the lost 12 years of tax breaks to the upper two percent Ryan’s plan gives them more tax breaks and inflicts even greater pain on the lower ninety-five percent with his spending cuts. Ryan’s budget extracts another pound of flesh from those that can least afford it.

As more pieces of Ryan’s plan emerge they are met with increasing skepticism and disgust. The transfer of wealth becomes glaringly apparent, as does the fact that it does nothing to actually create jobs. And, we can’t stress this enough, the sacrifice is piled onto the backs of the less fortunate.

The country is in dire need of fiscal rebalancing which would require fiscal restraint and responsibility. It requires an honest assessment of the country’s needs; a plan developed by a small group of intelligent, honest people free of the pervasive and ideological influences of politics—not a plan written by The Heritage Foundation for a politician who has received $1.7 million in campaign donations from health and insurance companies; the very companies that will benefit from proposed changes in Medicare.

Americans are awakening to the realization that Representative Ryan’s plan is not a journey back to prosperity.

It is, a “Path to Greater Poverty.”

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