“Wisconsinites Strike the First Blow!”

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The Supreme Court election in Wisconsin was the first battle in a protracted fight for democracy!

Wisconsin voters, angered by recent political developments in Wisconsin, turned out at the polls in huge numbers to vote for the Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates, David Prosser and JoAnne Kloppenburg. Wisconsin has become the battleground for the middle-class.

What appeared to be an easy reelection for incumbent Supreme Court Justice, David Prosser, ended up being a dead heat with newcomer, Assistant District Attorney, JoAnne Kloppenburg, the apparent winner by 204 votes. Kloppenburg recovered from a 30% deficit in the non-partisan election just two months ago. Nearly one-and-a-half-million voters cast their ballots on Wednesday.

This was a clear referendum against the anti-union stance taken by Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans. Other state’s Republican Governors, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, and New Jersey, have pushed a similar agenda in an effort to eliminate collective bargaining rights of public unions in their states and are facing the same resistance.

Walker’s agenda became obvious to the citizens in the Badger state when the Republican legislature attempted to break up the public employee’s unions, by disguising it as a part of the budget repair bill. Democrat Senators left the state to prevent a budget vote that would also end collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin’s public employees.

As a result of the Dem’s quick thinking, shedding light on the disingenuous tactics, Wisconsin citizens demonstrated for days in front of the Capitol building to express their displeasure. They also initiated recalls on eight of the Republican Senators which immediately energized working people throughout Wisconsin.

But there were other factors involved in the Wisconsin battle, including the involvement and interference of the infamous Koch brothers and fake Koch funded citizens organizations.

Some of those factors boiled over into yesterday’s Supreme Court election as well. This became the most expensive judicial election in history, costing over $3.5 million.

It’s estimated that Koch campaign funding from various entities may have been $800,000 of Prosser’s $2.2 million in total campaign donations. Kloppenburg raised $1.3 million for this election.

The Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court last year tarnished the electoral system allowed inhuman corporations like Koch Industries and the Kochs to attempt to buy an election as the tried in this election.

But democracy is a powerful thing and the people of Wisconsin would have none of that. Their voices were loud and clear.

Not in our state! Not Today!

Their state motto is ‘forward’ reflecting their drive to be a national leader.

And leaders they were. Wisconsinites again led the way in the fight for America, the fight for democracy. They’ve started the momentum to take back the country from the military-industrial complex that aspires to take over and usurp our precious freedoms. And they followed through with this election.

Wisconsin struck the first blow!

Now, other oppressed states must follow!

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