“The President Caves and America Loses!”

As Democrats give-in to unreasonable Republican demands this country slides further downhill!

The agreement struck at the last hour on Friday, a vote to allow the government to pay its bills for one more week and not get shutdown, does little to reduce the deficit and more to destroy the middle-class.

A vibrant middle-class has been America’s strength and driver of growth for over 65 years. That is all about to end thanks to the insidious ideology of Reagan inspired Republicans and the insanity of the Tea Party.

In a last minute effort to prevent another government shutdown, President Obama, and, Majority Leader Harry Reid, gave up five-billion more in pain-inducing, economic-destroying spending cuts.

What about shared sacrifice?

Republicans, with help from some Democrats, are methodically destroying the government, eroding the middle-class, transferring America’s wealth to the upper one-percent, and thrusting this nation into poverty.

After the agreement, the President stated that avoiding the shutdown was, “good news for the American people.” This compromise was anything but! He went on to say, “ a few months ago I was able to sign a tax cut for American families because both parties worked through their differences…Now, the same cooperation has made it possible for us to move forward with the biggest annual spending cut in history.”

Let’s be clear—those tax cuts were already in place. Common-sense, and a fragile economy dictated the need to extend the tax cuts for the middle-class. But the President caved on the deficit-growing, job-killing extensions for the wealthiest Americans which reduced tax revenues by an average $70 billion per year. The President has forgotten what he promised.

The proposed spending cuts, while failing to truly reduce the deficit, and instead, taking the life out of middle and lower income Americans, could turn out to be the worst spending cuts in this great nation’s history.

Spending cuts will be necessary to bring down the deficit but, in order to have a real impact, must be combined with increased revenue. Unless we talk honestly about balancing the two elements this massive problem will not be solved and ‘the people’ are the losers.

The problem exists because of 30 years of poor decisions of our presidents and lawmakers and will be difficult and painful to reverse.

Our current deficit could be reversed if honesty and common-sense were applied to the problem. But there is little common-sense and honesty is lacking in Washington.

Cuts that would immediately begin reducing the debt and deficit aren’t even being discussed: defense, the wars, Gitmo, and oil subsidies.

Tax extensions are at the root of our revenue deficiencies as are fair corporate taxes. Ronald Reagan tripled the deficit in his eight years, from $900 billion to $2.86 trillion with a top marginal tax rate of 51%. Not a very good example. George W. Bush lowered taxes and the deficit skyrocketed from approximately $5 trillion to over $11 trillion if we include his final budget.

Job growth would immediately increase revenues, which are at the lowest level since 1931, and, together with the right spending cuts begin a dramatic reduction of the deficit.

But, the battle Congress and the President are currently fighting over nickels and dimes is such an incredible waste of time and money. Any reasonable and honest man or woman could reduce the deficit by three or four-hundred billion a year without reducing Medicare, Medicaid, or touching Social Security. And without destroying the most important programs and our most vulnerable.

Unfortunately, Congress’ inane and insignificant struggles are what we’ve come to expect from a high percentage of our elected officials. An increasing number, especially Republicans, are incapable of the job of running this country.

But, the President has the responsibility of steering the country. Every step he takes forward we seem to lose two steps in return: one step forward, two steps back.

The Republicans aren’t through. They will be demanding more compromise on Friday and are threatening to hold up raising the debt ceiling if the President and Democrats do not meet their demands.

Obama and his advisors have coined the phrase, “Winning the Future.” If he keeps making these untenable compromises—that destroy middle and low income citizens and families—he ensures that there will be no future to win.

He needs to become much stronger, a better leader, if we’re going to reverse the direction we’re headed.

Every time Obama caves, ‘the people’ lose.

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