Quick Hit: “Will Queen James Miss His Coronation?”

It appears that LaBron can’t handle the heat!

James has not turned out to be the Superstar the owners of the Miami Heat had hoped he would be and the SuperTeam faces elimination tonight at the hands of the seasoned Dallas Mavericks.

That is the outcome most of the fans outside the South Beach area hope for. Most of the nation has grown to despise LeBron and the Heat, and would celebrate their failure.

As Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki show what superstars bring to the Finals, James exhibits the same weakness he displayed in his final appearance with the Cavs.

He quits!

His ego, deflated, affects his performance on the court and lessens Miami’s chances of winning the NBA title.

And, despite the series returning to Miami for game six, that opportunity may end tonight.

When LeBron announced his decision to join Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami in an ill-received publicity stunt, I wrote an article about the difficulties a team with three stars may encounter and posed the question of the Heat needing three balls.

The answer may be forthcoming and it appears the answer is yes!

Wade has stepped up his game in true superstar fashion as he did when he and Shaq teamed up for their previous championship. But it remains to be seen if James will step up to help Wade secure a second crown.

LeBron’s tiara is already tarnished and tonight’s game could give it a permanent patina which may plague him the rest of his career.

The bulk of the nation hopes his personal misery will be put to rest tonight in the well deserved championship for Nowitzki, Kidd, Marion, and the rest of the Mavs.

His coronation could be delayed a year if not completely derailed.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

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