“Recall the Wisconsin Six!”

Wisconsin’s recall election has become a national event!

Wisconsinites are angry over new Governor Scott Walker’s deception and are not only voicing their opinion outside the Capitol in Madison, but taking their grievances to the ballot boxes.

Democrats in the Badger State successfully petitioned the recall of six Republican Senators who will be challenged for their Senate seats next month in a special election. The Democrats easily collected more signatures than were required for the Government Accountability Board to certify the results.

Not to be outdone, Republicans, with the help of out-of-state signature gathering agencies and buying signatures, managed to get three Democrats on the ballot.

Why are the Wisconsin people doing this?

The recalls are the result of Governor Walker and Wisconsin’s Republican Congress’s attack on hard-working people while giving corporations and the wealthy tax breaks. The $117 million in breaks for corporations and the wealthy increases the state deficit which the new Governor claimed he was going to reduce during his campaign.

Walker and the Republican Senators ran on a promise of fiscal responsibility. After elected they immediately tried to bust the public unions; a move that will further erode Wisconsin’s economy.

Democrats need only three net seats in the Senate to regain the majority. Three of the Republicans, Dan Kapanke, Randy Hopper, and Luther Olsen, are extremely vulnerable and were the first to be certified. With the resolve that Wisconsinites have shown not only will those three be defeated but, Alberta Darling, Robert Cowles, and Sheila Harsdorf can also be overthrown.

The Democrats have a good shot at taking back the Senate. So good that the Republicans are pressured to do what they do best.


That’s right. Cheat! They’ve become so good at circumventing democracy and the voting rules that it’s become the natural thing for them; so natural that they lie about everything.

Their new move in Wisconsin is to run fake Democrats in the recalls forcing a democratic primary in at least six of the districts costing both time and money. They believe this will give their soiled Senators more time and cause the Democratic candidates to spend more money, and improve their chances—give them more time to fight the recalls and distort the issues.

It could get extremely ugly as a result of the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision. As a result millions of corporate and Conservative PAC dollars will pour in from out of state to defeat the Democrats. In order to level the playing field unions and regular citizens like myself will be forced to inject as much as possible to prevent the oppressive right and corporations from stealing the election.

The right will vilify the unions for providing campaign funds even as they accept corporate donations three times as much as the unions can provide to the Democratic candidates. Corporations will screw up the election process with their tainted money in an all out effort to sway the election.

Senator Kapanke stated that he hoped they could catch the angry opposition sleeping.

What Senator Kapanke won’t tell voters is that forcing the dishonest primary could raise the recall costs in those districts by as much as $400 thousand.

This is yet another example that Wisconsin Republicans don’t care about the budget or ‘the people’ and are incapable of governing. Governor Walker, the Fitzgeralds, and many of Wisconsin’s Republican congressmen and women are working for the Koch Brothers and their only purpose is to transfer as much Wisconsin treasure to them and other benefactors as possible.

Many other states are following Wisconsin’s lead and ousting incompetent leaders and self-proclaimed despots.

Arizona is recalling Russell Pearce, President of the Arizona Senate for his hard-edged conservative policies. In childish retaliation Pearce labels his detractors “far-left anarchists” and “profit-over-patriotism crowd.” But his heavy Republican district will likely reelect him to Arizona’s detriment.

And Walker will be subject to a recall in November, after just one year of becoming Governor, for his democracy destroying right-wing ideologies.

It’s happening in Michigan and Ohio and will happen at the appropriate time in states like Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Wisconsin is a battleground for the middle-class; the first battle nationally against tyranny, against right-wing oppression. It is also a stand against plutocracy.

All hard-working Americans are watching the people of Wisconsin and are behind them in their fight to prevent fascism in a state that has always represented freedom.

We’re with you, Wisconsin! Be strong! Stay free!

Recall the Wisconsin six!

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