Quick Hit: “Wasting Time and Energy!”

House Republicans tried to shed light on an old issue.

The House of Representatives defeated the attempt to repeal some elements of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act related to the use of energy efficient light bulbs.

The Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, introduced by Representative Joe Barton, Texas 6, sought to reverse the government’s attempt to reduce the use of energy through adaptation of energy efficient compact florescent lamps. The bill had 35 co-sponsors including all seven Republican Representatives from Tennessee.

What do Republicans have against energy efficiency?

The original bill was presented by a Republican and signed into law in 2007 by then President, George W. Bush. The legislation phases in over three years beginning with 100 watt bulbs beginning on January 1 of  2012.

This dim-witted attempt needed a two thirds majority to pass but was defeated with only 233 votes for the repeal (228 Republicans and 5 Democrats) to 193 against.

With all the problems our economy faces the time and energy taken in introduction, committee time, and the vote on the floor today questions the ability of the House of Representative’s to handle their time efficiently. They spent 40 minutes on the floor debating this issue.

It’s easy to see why this country is in so much minutiae and so screwed up. The only thing to conclude from votes like this is that Congress needs to pass a bill requiring them to be smarter and more efficient.

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