“The Important Vote on Tuesday!”

All eyes should be on Tuesday’s vote: a turning point for America.

No, not the debt ceiling and spending cut vote that may or may not occur in Congress, but an even more important vote—the vote in Wisconsin.

The vote to win back democracy. To smack down the plutocratic oligarchy that invaded Wisconsin. To fight off the move to fascism.

Both votes are important in their impact on politics and economics; both microcosms of the agony and the struggles Americans are forced to endure.

One vote may mean the collapse of the world economy while the other could signal the reawakening of democracy—a return to ‘we the people’—in a state with a history of progressive democratic values.

How important are the recall elections in the Badger State?

They mean the difference between a healthy middle-class and a stifling, uncaring plutocratic oligarchy. It will determine whether Wisconsin is run by the Koch brothers or by the citizens; whether they will be freemen or servants.

Six Republican Senators could be replaced on Tuesday, August 9th, returning control of the State Senate to hard-working, middle-class Wisconsinite’s. Democrats need only three net seats to retake the Senate. The Democrats appear to be solid candidates and represent a strong challenge to the incumbents.

Three Senate seats look easily attainable and two others are realistic possibilities. Taking five seats would be a tremendous feat and would eliminate any pressure on the two Democratic seats that are up for recall election the following Tuesday. Taking back all six would be phenomenal and an unmistakable referendum for democracy and the power of the vote.

Turn-out was heavy in the Democratic Primaries, not only for a non-presidential election, but for even a mid-term election. They will be equally huge in the six districts for Tuesday’s recall elections. Conceivably this would be good for the Democratic challengers.

The entire nation will be watching the outcome of this adventure in democracy in Wisconsin. Support for your tenacity and effort is nationwide; supported by every hard-working man and woman America.

Get out to vote Wisconsin and show this country what living in a democracy truly means.  On Tuesday everyone will be wishing you the greatest success knowing that your achievements will be mirrored in other states in the next few months.

The most important thing on Wednesday morning, the 10th, is to wake and find that democracy was victorious in Wisconsin; a victory that will spread hope throughout the country that democracy is alive and well—that it could not be defeated by deceit or usurped by money.

And that other vote?

Who knows?

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