Quick Hit “Warren Runs For Senate”

Elizabeth Warren will oppose Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race.

Scott Brown will face a formidable foe in the 2012 election after winning Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in a heated special election just one year ago.

The Harvard Law Professor, whose last gig was setting up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — the office established to protect consumers from the banksters — will soon represent ‘the people’ of Massachusetts. She announced her candidacy this morning after her exploratory committee determined she had the support to challenge Scott Brown.

Many of us believe Obama should have nominated Ms. Warren for the chairmanship of the new agency. But her confirmation was being blocked by the obstructionist Republicans in the Senate. They will not confirm anyone who will fight for ‘the people.’

The President should have fought for her appointment but caved under Republican pressure.

Elizabeth Warren’s decision to run for Senate should be applauded and supported by every Democrat and Independent nationwide.

Scott Brown is going to receive a lot of dirty money — from fake grass roots organizations funded by the Koch Brother’s and Karl Rove, and from big corporations that want to retain control over Congress.

We ‘the people’ can overcome the dirty campaign financing by donating from all over the country. You can donate, as I am from California, by going to her campaign website at www.elizabethwarren.com

Your donation is a donation to someone who will fight for your interests, fight for fairness, and fight for the middle-class.

Donating to Elizabeth Warren is a vote for America!

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