Quick Hit: “Move Your Money”

Are small banks and credit unions safer than big banks?

Big banks and Wall Street caused the financial meltdown, were bailed out by the taxpayers, and are operating under the same destructive model that caused our financial problems. By remaining with any one of the top 20 banks you are helping create another financial crash that will be even worse for the global economy.

Occupy Wall Street has brought the collusion of  big banks and Wall Street into focus as the main cause of our declining economy. It has served, in growing numbers, to expose their collusion and calls for Congressional action.

But, the next move can be yours!

Move your money to a more stable and conscientious smaller bank in your community.

Big banks should have been broken up at the beginning of the financial crisis. Instead, a complicit Congress, Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank allowed them to become even bigger posing an even greater systemic risk.

Arianna Huffington and Rob Johnson, at the Huffington Post, approached this very issue on December 29th of 2009. It’s as important an issue today as it was then. You can still have an impact on the system by moving your money now!

The transfer of money by enough people would diffuse the power that banks have over our Congressional representatives. It would also demonstrate the power ‘the people’ have to begin the rebalancing process that is necessary for this country to survive.

Take control. Use this opportunity to do something to change the system.

Move Your Money!

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