“When Right Is Wrong”

The American way of life has changed dramatically, the result of three decades going in the wrong direction.

Economically we’re setting records; contradictory indicators of wealth and poverty, production and unemployment, and corporate growth offset by small business decline.

The economic picture is vividly uncertain and Congress added to the unpredictability with their obfuscation of the payroll tax — finally passed under pressure.

When, then, can we expect recovery?

Because of ill-conceived right-wing ideologies and obstruction, recovery will be a long arduous process and will not happen without considerable suffering and long-term damage.

And the pain will be torturous for some segments of the population leading to even greater poverty. Fifteen percent of American’s are below the poverty line, but nearly 50% are dangerously close to that line. Around 15 million are still unemployed or underemployed. The more Republicans block legislation meant to help those in need the more suffering there will be.

But, this is what right-wing policies do; intended consequences of their desire to transfer wealth.

Unintended — something has gone horribly wrong. Erosion of the middle-class has derailed the economy, and the economic community is running out of viable solutions. Unrest grows — threatening to undermine the right-wing agenda.

Professed capitalist’s were given license to steal from ‘the people,’ with impunity. Predatory capitalism flourished, condoned by corrupt politicians rapt from power their election to office has given them.

Blame for the global economic morass falls squarely on the framers of right-wing ideology and Republican lawmakers that follow that ideology in lock-step.

Right-wing economic policies have spread to sovereign states of Europe causing a financial contagion that is likely to do damage in the United States. What began with Goldman Sach’s assistance in hiding Greece’s debt has infected Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, and caused Europe’s slide into recession. It is now exposing the weaknesses in European banks.

Most Americans are paying a steep price for Republican’s failed leadership, lies, and hypocrisy, and now Europeans are feeling the pain as well.

And what happened in the House regarding the payroll tax extension is an indication that we are destined to continue our agonizing slide into poverty.

The right’s policies and lies are killing America and threatening to derail our democracy.

Their economic policies: deregulation, lower taxes, gutting regulatory agencies, cutting low income programs, unpaid wars and healthcare programs, and other economic debacles, have pushed the country into a steady and unrelenting decline.

Those policies have led to crumbling infrastructure; America falling behind in transportation, renewable energy, and healthcare; and declines in manufacturing, healthcare, education, and innovation — an overall decline in our world dominance.

Their hatred for most Americans is profoundly displayed in House legislation, including the most recent payroll tax bill.  The Republican Majority crams insidious amendments and other unrelated and divisive demands into these bills; things two-thirds of the American people find unacceptable.

Insisting on adding the Keystone XL Pipeline and requiring people collecting unemployment insurance to take a drug test or get their GED is not only insane and costly, but unconstitutional and unpatriotic.

Dead beat dad’s like Joe Walsh, loudmouth’s like Steve King and Joe Wilson, inane representatives like Virginia Cox, Marsha Blackburn, and Thaddeus McCotter, uninformed simpletons like Joe Barton and Nan Hayworth are making these decisions. This should make most Americans want to vomit.

The media needs to do a much better job addressing these issues. They need to challenge and expose the lies and untruths from these ridiculous legislators and question their qualifications to legislate. They need to drop their insistence in creating equal culpability disguised as fair and balanced reporting.

This quagmire we’re in was not caused equally by both parties, nor is the gridlock. If reported fairly the recalcitrance and derisiveness can be easily traced to the conservatives and, more recently, to the Tea Party — and directly to the policies of the right.

As we move into a new year — an election year — our economic picture looks as bleak as 2011.

The road to the Republican nomination began yesterday in Iowa, but the field is weak — especially when it comes to the economy. Not a single presidential hopeful understands our economic malaise or how to recover from it. Every single one of them indicates they’ll return to the failed right-wing policies that threw us into the Great Recession.

Is that what we want?

It is time to resolve that the right is wrong and that returning to their policies and ideologies will not be good for our nation or the world.

One more wrong move and the world will pay a horrendous price.

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