“Governor Walker’s Day Has Come”

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The State of Wisconsin is recalling it’s acerbic Governor.

Only two Governor’s have been recalled in our long history. It looks like the Wisconsin Governor will make history by becoming the third.

More than 1,000,000 signatures — weighing more than 3,000 pounds — were gathered by citizens of the Badger State and turned into the Government Accountability Board in the 60 days they were allowed to gather signatures. Once the GAB has certified the signatures, which could take up to 61 days, the election will be set and the people will have a say in the status of their present governor.

The recall of the controversial governor is another important step in reclaiming democracy. It will set the stage for recanting the electoral mistake they made one short year ago.

But, will the recall supporters prevail?

What began with a single signature on November 17, with a goal to collect more than the 540,208 signatures needed, is not only a recall of the Governor, but the Lieutenant Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, and four of the State Senators. More than 840,000 signatures were gathered to remove the Lieutenant Governor. Wisconsin has already recalled two State Senators.

Clearly, in state after state, voters miscalculated the consequences of their 2010 votes. This is not only true in Wisconsin, but in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, Indiana, and Pennsylvania among others.

The aggressive assault on public workers was unpredictable based on Walker’s campaign. So was his immediate handouts of benefits and tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy in a time of extreme budget deficiencies.

But that was what Wisconsinites were confronted with after Walker took office; a steady stream of Republican ideologies contrary to a healthy state environment and a vibrant democracy. Repeated refusals to work with the people.

The right-wing agenda of Republican Governor’s included — as did Walker’s — busting unions, voter suppression, transferring wealth, and selling public assets to their rich benefactors.

The recall effort is: the proud people of Wisconsin fighting right-wing oppression and an attempt to reclaim their freedom. Their efforts are the platform for other states fighting the same battle.

So the next battle begins, setting the stage for a protracted fight pitting ‘the people’ — hard-working Americans — against the wealthy supporters of Walker — the Koch Brothers financed, Americans For Prosperity, and other radical right-wing organizations. It’s Wisconsinites against outside interests.

Supporters of Walker, those that helped him buy the governorship, will be pouring millions of secret dollars into the state to prevent Walker’s recall. Some have estimated that supporters will spend four times the money of recall Walker supporters to keep Walker in office.

In order to counter the inimical influx of confederate dollars those of us that believe in the voice of ‘the people,’ in the rights of Americans, and the battle against suppression, need to support the recall through contributions to United Wisconsin.

We must also continue to support and encourage the recall efforts throughout the country.

Wisconsin is still the battleground for the middle-class and their strength is our motivation to continue to fight; to take back America.

Walker’s day has come.

And the fact that Wisconsinites gathered more than a million signatures is an incredible sign — a great motivator.

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