“UnAmerican Activities”

Americans are more divisive, more destructive, more cynical, and less trusting than at any time I can remember.

In a time of turmoil voices raise, anger festers, tempers flair, fingers point, and accusations abound. Blame is the easiest way to deflect responsibility, but there is a lot of blame to go around for the problems we face.

The American people are facing more unrest, in more areas, than ever in my lifetime.

There are so many positives to being “American.” Freedoms and protections have been lavished on the people, at great sacrifice, by our forefathers; men of incredible foresight.

We breathe rarified air, dream remarkable dreams, accomplish unbelievable things, and in the past shared our wealth, knowledge, freedoms, and experiences with the rest of the world; with those less fortunate than us.

Democracy, capitalism, freedom, fairness, integrity, and opportunity were always synonymous with living in America; with being American. The Constitution provided for the welfare ‘of the people,’ destiny was overseen ‘by the people,’ and outcomes would ultimately be ‘for the people.’ An incredible working model, but, the intentions of the Constitution have eroded over the last 233 years, and that erosion has accelerated over the last 30 years.

The ‘people’ have lost control.

We’ve lost control in all areas of our lives: politics, finances, religion, media, and family. The new series “UnAmerican Activities” will address financial, political, social, industrial, global, intellectual, and yes, religious issues.

As an independent, a free thinker with common-sense, I have witnessed the destruction and chaos that has been unleashed by the zealots who have taken over this country. It’s disturbing. Stuck between the weakness of the left and the vitriolic right, definitely misrepresented, if not unrepresented, despair and anger bubble below the surface.

With little voice in the discourse, writing has become therapy that, for a time, prevents me from striking all of them down: politicians; bankers; religious ideologues; charlatans and CEO’s, with the jawbone of an ass.

So what can one voice do?

In “UnAmerican Activities” I intend to expose the underbellies of those who selfishly undermine the American Dream through their divisive activities. Expose those who destroy the foundation of democracy; groups and individuals who suck the very life energy out of the Constitution for their own narcissistic agendas.

Most of those I will expose in the series are not deserving of the freedoms and opportunities our forefathers presented us. Their narrow, tunnel-visioned understanding of the spirt and the intent of the Constitution has led to a misunderstanding of the power entrusted to “the people” of this great country.

The current level of divisiveness, greed, and hypocrisy impedes America’s ability to lead, to guide, and to recover.

We’ve been warned many times throughout our history about allowing imbalances in government, banking, religion, and the military-industrial complex, by men and women much smarter than those that lead today.

The first installment in the series will deal with financial activities and the destructive nature of the rise in the unprecedented power of financial institutions and the slow, deliberate actions of predatory capitalism. It will also be a look at who got us into the massive financial problems we face and how these thoughtless, self-absorbed people have stolen from all of us.

Articles in the series will include activities of banks, failures of Congress, impotent legislation, campaign funding, corporate influence, religious hypocrisy, Fox News, the Forth Estate, the financial crisis, the Republican agenda, and more.

UnAmerican Activities, The Series” is being written for ‘the people’ with no agenda other than finding a fair and equitable balance to bring this great country back on a path to prosperity, well-being, and leadership.

Unamerican Activities are tearing us apart. We can no longer wait for those in charge to do the things that will improve our future.

If we don’t begin to do something soon we run the risk of becoming a third world nation.

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