“A Rush To Irrelevance!”

The rant against women was a new low in Rushbo radiology.

There’s nothing more disgusting than to listen to the misogynistic rants of a fat bigoted drug addict. But Rush Limbaugh’s recent series of rants, calling Georgetown law student a ‘slut’ and a ‘whore,’ are not only disturbing, but low even for him!

His attack on Sandra Fluke, the brave young woman who was refused the opportunity to testify by an uncaring, and basically ignorant, Representative Darrell Issa, (R-CA49) in the hearing he held on contraception, was not only uninformed, but incendiary.

Limbaugh is, indeed, a pimple on America’s ass.

So, surely, Representative Issa will come out and apologize to Ms. Fluke for not only his misogynistic blunder in seating an all male panel to testify about a woman’s right to contraception and its relationship to religious beliefs, but for Limbaugh’s drug induced attack on her.

The Republican Party should be completely embarrassed by his vilification, not only of Sandra Fluke, but of college women and responsible women everywhere. Their repudiation of his should have been immediate. They were reluctant to condemn his hateful and libelous diatribe because they fear his backlash.

Though, theoretically, not defined as hate speech, his attack on the Georgetown law student was an attack on all women across parties, ethnicities, religions, all across America. A visceral attack on women by an inadequate and irrelevant man.

It is hard to believe that a man caught red-handed sneaking a suitcase-full of Viagra into the United States would know so little about contraception. You’d think his impotence — needing so much Viagra — would render him impotently silent about contraception.

Hundreds of thousands jumped to expose his hypocrisy and misogyny.

The move to boycott Rush and his sponsors was swift, spread rapidly, and seems to be the only way we can get this big mouth silenced. More than seven sponsors have already suspended their sponsorships. It must continue — sponsors need to be notified relentlesstly that their sponsorship of a misogynist like Limbaugh will not be tolerated. Any new sponsors must be informed that their lack of integrity would lead to an aggressive push to boycott of their products.

The boycott pushed by social media has been highly effective and seven sponsors have now pulled their advertisements from Limbaugh’s radio show.

We’ve come to this because Republicans are afraid of Rush Limbaugh and the 4th estate has done an unacceptable job of pointing out that his lambastic rants are never based in fact but merely foolish opinions by a deluded and drug induced mind.

Anyone who attempts to either legitimize Limbaugh’s three day rant or absolve him from any wrong doing must be questioned and vociferously rebuked.

The GOP’s narrow focus is defined by people like Limbaugh to the detriment of a more moderate and independent leaning nation.

His weak apology, if it could be called that, is unacceptable and too late to repair the damage his reprehensible three day rant has done to Ms. Fluke. There is a grossly evident double standard that needs to be addressed and exposed. When Ed Shultz called Laura Ingrahm a ‘talk slut’ he was not only suspended for 5 days, but issued a heartfelt apology to Ms. Ingraham when he returned. Rush’s attacks were far more hateful and Damaging to Sandra Fluke. Where is the suspension?

There is no explanation for a man like Rush Limbaugh; no justification for his hatred for democracy or the people which our forefathers sought to protect from men like him.

Limbaugh should undergo a full psychiatric evaluation to determine the causes of his deep seeded hatred of minorities, liberals, the disabled, women, Michael J. Fox, veterans, who upon returning oppose the war, he labels ‘phony soldiers’ and now, Georgetown law students, to determine whether he’s fit to be on the air.

It’s time for us, the good citizens of this country, to rend Limbaugh irrelevant by continuing to pressure his sponsors, local radio stations, and his employer, Clear Channel. We must continue to expose him en masse for his vitriolic and incendiary comments and occupy the vote against the misogynist Republicans in November.

Limbaugh is irrelevant, the devil incarnate, and it’s about time America realizes it.

America should not have to endure Rush’s idea of what constitutes humor.

Pull the plug. End this ‘three hours a day, five days a week’ absurdity — NOW!


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