“Unemployment Down In All States”

Year-over-year change in unemployment impressive.

In the month of May unemployment remained unchanged at 8.2% but there is some great news in the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for May.

Only three states, Nevada, California, and Rhode Island are still in double digits in the unemployment rate compared with nine states just one year ago.  And thirty-four of the states are now under the national average.

Good news, right?

Actually, it’s great news, Fifty of the fifty-one states, including the District of Columbia, improved over the last year with only New York which slipped by 0.5%. Michigan and Nevada led with yearly improvements of 2.1% each. Florida and Mississippi were just one tenth behind with a 2.0% improvement.

Though the recovery has been slow, and there are signs it may be slowing more in the second half of the year, unemployment continues to improve in state-after-state.

The Governor of Florida was recently exuberant about his state’s gains — down 2% since last May — bringing it closer to the national average at 8.6%. But he was quickly admonished by the Romney Campaign for his enthusiasm and asked to refrain from projecting any positive message on employment in his state.

Why would Romney want to squelch Florida’s good news?

Could it be that it would help the President?

Governors in the swing states are torn, whether to validate the improvements in their states to enhance their own reelections which, at the same time, would advance the President’s position of improving employment in their states.

Key swing states, Michigan, Florida, and Ohio have shown solid gains with Ohio dropping well below the national average to 7.3%, and Michigan and Florida are approaching the national average with 2.1 and 2.0 percentage points respectively. Both have declined from double digits just one year ago.

Two more of the 2012 swing states, Iowa and Virginia, are doing extremely well as unemployment in those states dropped to 5.1 and 5.6 percent. Pennsylvania slipped 0.6 percent to a respectable 7.4 percent unemployment.

The implications are extremely positive for the middle-class and bode well for both Obama and the Democrats in the 2012 election.

Considering the number of public sector jobs lost in the states and municipalities over the last two years these numbers look extremely good.

And things would be even better if the Republicans’ weren’t blocking the American Jobs Act and holding hostage the transportation bill and the Small Business Act.

It will be difficult to continue the improvements with a slowing economy, but the Presidents policies and jobs bills would help it we could get Congress to act upon them.

It’s what this country needs to survive so the Republicans need to put country first and help improve the economy rather than causing it’s destruction.

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