“Which War Is Next?”

Romney promises to unleash the wrath of the U.S. on Iran!

At a recent campaign stop, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Conference in Reno, Nevada, Romney told an enthusiastic crowd that he would wield America’s $760 billion military might around the world, including a military solution in Iran.

This drew elevated applause from the ex-military audience, long separated from the ravages of war. The perfect gathering for a draft-dodging, war-mongering, right-wingnut like Romney?

Another war? Are you serious?

Romney’s implication of war excited these elderly gentlemen whose organization is partially supported by taxpayer money from the Federal Government.

But there are other wars in greater need of our attention. Romney really doesn’t care about any of them.

We are in the grips of numerous wars on our own soil, so many wars that need to be either stopped or waged here at home.

The battles for women’s rights have already been fought and won. But, new assaults by the right-wing — including Virginia’s ‘Vaginal Probe’ — must be quashed as should their war on gays, immigrants, and the poor.

Wars that must be waged domestically include reducing poverty, hunger, improving healthcare, and the economy. But, the wars against bigotry, greed, and wealth disparity must also be aggressively pursued.

America’s political pendulum has swung too far to the right — and it’s only now beginning to swing back. The country is desperately in need of rebalancing. In life, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The right’s agenda — and Romney’s — is destructive. His threat of and his supporters’ advocacy for war with Iran after our young men and women have been recklessly deployed four, five, and even six times for an illegal and unnecessary war, is politically irresponsible. Romney has no sense of war or the senseless damage to those who actually wage it.

Romney hid in Paris, France during Vietnam and, unless he commits his own sons to his Iranian folly, he has no right to even suggest sending others into harms way.

Romney has no intention of fighting the ‘real’ wars our country faces; those here at home.

It doesn’t appear he’s going to oppose the assault on women’s rights which are being stripped in state after Republican state.

He is equally deficient on the rights of gays and immigrants, most likely the result of his religious beliefs — Mormon beliefs that render him impotent in upholding the rights of all Americans, especially those of color.

Romney bashes the President for increased poverty and repeats wingnut claims that Obama is the food stamp President, omitting that his Republican party not only caused the increase in poverty but continually block any effort to reverse it. Embracing the Ryan Budget, as he has, will cause further deterioration of our economy and increase poverty while giving tax breaks to the rich. His plan is a return to the previous administration’s policies, those that got us into this economic mess.

Poverty, hunger, healthcare, and the economy are inextricably connected to the point that, the inability, knowledge, or will to fix all of them effects each of them.

Therein lies Romney’s predicament. Never having to deal with worries about education or hunger, and an extreme inability to connect with those caught in an endless and painful cycle of wants and needs makes him ill-equipped to deal with these huge and growing problems.

He also lacks the will to correct growing epidemics: bigotry, the greed of his rapacious colleagues, and the runaway wealth disparity that is causing class-warfare. He is, in fact, the poster boy of a wealthy and uncaring faction of society; a faction that believes more in taking than giving.

These wars are of greater importance to our survival than the foreign issues Romney is currently focused on.

Romney’s tough talk is not only disconcerting politically, but economically impossible. America cannot afford another war, especially one with a country like Iran — much larger, more complex, and more capable than Iraq. One that will cost taxpayers another trillion or more dollars.

So, was Romney’s sabre rattling in Israel merely a show for the Jewish audience he extracted ungodly sums of money from to continue his unrealistic campaign? Romney would sell his soul to the devil to become President.

Even a vague and unimpressive candidate like Romney should understand that war, especially one with Iran, will add tremendously to our deficit — a deficit that grew by trillions under Bush because of his wars.

So, which war is next?

A meaningless and costly war on foreign soil? One that will cost immeasureable lives and treasure?

Or the battles to be fought for our survival here, within our own borders and for our own people?

We can’t survive a president who won’t fight for the American people here at home.

All the American People.

Not just millionaires and billionaires.


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