“A Colorless Convention”

Republicans try to paint a more colorful self-portrait!

Last week in Tampa, a pretentious Republican party officially nominated their candidate for the office of President. They hoped to arouse their base and make the ticket more pleasing to the American voters.

Trailing by large margins in key voting groups — women, African Americans, Hispanics, gays — Republicans marched out token minority speakers to present themselves as a party of diversity; a party of color.

But is this the real Republican Party?

Despite a sea of white faces on the convention center floor, rising Republican stars of varying hues pretended that right-wing prejudices had changed; that there was a growing rosiness, a growing acceptance amongst the delegates that would soon be realized by all of America.

Despite the colors being used to stir up the attendees, there was a palpable ruddiness on the podium. Not pastels nor the colors of the rainbow. No, color emanating from the lectern was far more opaque.

Beyond the racial subtleties the speakers were willing to confuse, omit, misrepresent, and yes, lie to get their points across to the rabidly prejudiced audience. They were willing to trade their integrity, for the opportunity to rise in a colorless party. Willing to push magenta ideals distorted by crimson blinders.

Parading Suzanna Martinez, Mia Love, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, and Condeleezza Rice onto the dais does not change the exclusionary policies of the Republican party. Nor did it change the pallor on the convention floor.

What is the color of exclusion? The color of intolerance? The color of mendacity?

At the Republican Convention it was clearly red and the moribund crowd modestly cheered every lie, every nuance, every reference to a fabricated Presidential failure.

But, I would venture the failure was theirs and not the one they repeatedly excoriated — Barack Obama.

In contrast, the first day of the Democratic National Convention was bursting with color, both on the dais and the floor. There was no pretense of diversity, no incongruity between speaker and delegate, no disconnect between the messengers and the message.

There was an energy; an enthusiasm for speaker after speaker, an unmistakable radiance that grew brighter with every passing hour — a clear and undeniable distinction between the drab and colorless Republican Convention and the spectrum being presented at the Democratic Convention.

And day two displayed brilliance of the same magnitude: a building energy, an explosion of color and ideas only diversity can create. And the diversity was heartfelt; embraced by the truth being conveyed between those on the rostrum and those on the floor.

Paul Ryan’s speech was indicative of Republicans’ difficulty in presenting their message. It was difficult to find a scintilla of truth in Ryan’s speech.

The disparate difference can be defined in this simple way: it is difficult to sell a lie and easier to sell the truth!

Republicans said, during their convention, that they would not be confined by fact checkers as speaker after speaker ignored the truth, beginning with the hollow resonance of their first theme, “We Built It!” But that slogan is not the first thing they took out-of-context nor will it be the last.

The Democrats built a convention! Laying the ground work and building to the ultimate crescendo — the acceptance speech by President Obama. They were fired up and their blue flame burned red hot for three days.

The range of speakers and messages were both impressive and spectral, touching every emotion, every nerve of us, watching from the floor or from the comfort of our living rooms.

From Deval Patrick to Eva Longoria, Sandra Fluke to Ted Strickland, Jennifer Granholm to Julian Castro, and Lilly Ledbetter to Jim Sinegal the momentum built orator after orator.

As we approach this election we must decide whether we want a drab, colorless party who failed to govern just a few short years ago or whether we want the vivid colors that better represents ‘the people’ in this country; whether we want to do this together or be dictated by a group of angry white men with selfish and exclusionary intentions.

There is no gray area in this election.

Republicans, despite tokenism at their convention, offer little that would give us hope for a bright future — pallid expectations of old, failed ideas and policies.

Democrats offered a palate filled with colors; opportunities for growth and a brighter future for all, not just a few.

More than a party, the Democratic convention was a celebration of diversity; the purist expression of democracy. It was an example of how colors coalesce to strengthen the country. Of what America can be when we join together.

America is — stronger when we are united!

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