“The Silent Minority”

It’s what the Republicans don’t say that’s disturbing.

As we move toward a ‘fiscal cliff,’ Republicans continue their rhetoric; rhetoric that makes no sense given the existing situation, recent election, and prevailing consensus.

Republicans are loquacious when using talking points — most of them lies or misinformation — but are evasive when asked specifics or their ‘real’ positions. They’re equally tight-lipped about the damage they caused while in a position of leadership.

Haven’t Democrats caused all the problems?

If you listen to the Republicans or Fox News, Dems are responsible for everything wrong with government: the recession, deficit, unemployment, the banking and housing crises, the increase in food stamps and poverty, collapse of small business, Arab Spring, the spike in gas prices, the deaths in Benghazi and, yes, wealth disparity in America.

They’re great at blame, but lacking in substance.

When asked for details or facts they’re suddenly mute — unable to produce either rationale or justification for any claim they make.

Their inability to honestly articulate policies and positions, is not only troubling but prevents us from any opportunity to restore fairness or rebalance the country.

The right’s spokespeople have been asked repeatedly which spending cuts they would propose or which loopholes they would close. Their refusal to give a straight answer speaks volumes.

Just as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were vague throughout their entire campaign, a posturing minority party avoids answering the cuts, loophole, or tax questions for fear of exposing their economic sleight of hand. Voodoo economics as George H.W. Bush so aptly described it.


Even when they’re talking a mile a minute, throwing out rapid fire talking points, they say nothing.

No longer the party of Lincoln, or even Reagan for that matter, the contemporary GOP has become a deceptive and secretive party given to lies and subterfuge; deceiving the American people for over three decades. So why should we expect anything different than the ‘fiscal deception’ they’re promoting now?

Their most egregious silences — their greatest exploitations of power and dark money — are threatening our very freedoms and democracy.

Norquist’s control over malleable and fearful sheep handcuffs Republican Senators and Representatives to a servile pledge that renders them incapable of governing. They cower at his veiled threats. As a result these spineless politicians vote in lock-step out of fear of losing their seats in Congress.

Equally disturbing is the shady 30 year development of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. It is another exploitive organization like Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, funded by dirty plutocratic money, developed to subvert democracy and concentrate power to a few. ALEC is responsible for voter suppression, for violating women’s rights and privacies, vigilantism in the stand-your-ground laws. Everyone of their programs undermines a healthy democratic society and reeks of convoluted ideas of supremacy.

Denying and ignoring their responsibility for our huge deficit — the one they now blame on President Obama — is also one of their sleazy little ploys. Records and graphs clearly show who’s responsible for most of it. We’re still paying for the Bush and Republican indiscretions: lowering taxes, unnecessary wars, deregulation, Medicare PartD, the increase in food stamps, and high unemployment.

Beyond their vocalizations over entitlements is the real’ truth about our social net programs. Republican demands to cut social programs is reprehensible when weighed against their malapropos protections of the rich. Social Security is not broke! Medicare has been hostage to a costly, out-of-control private healthcare system and a damaging right-wing bill — Medicare Part D.

The dysfunction in the Senate, though Republicans won’t enlighten us, is the result of their abuse of the filibuster which they have employed more than 350 times in the last 4 years. More than all the other years combined.

Can we, as a nation, afford their aphasia?

Not if we want our democracy to survive and flourish. Not if we want to enjoy the freedoms’ bestowed on us by the Constitution.

America was a growing, vibrant society pre Reagan but has been subject to a Republican path of destruction for the past 30 years. The right-wing has collaborated to: dismantle unions, start wars, degrade the poor, disabled, and seniors, transfer wealth, delay our modernization, and diminish our overall welfare.

Nearly everything that afflicts this country can be traced to the Republicans. We cannot idly stand by and let their lies and misinformation — their silence — destroy our country.

The time is now to restore our democracy, to take back our freedoms: to end wealth disparity, the assault on the poor, women, veterans, the disabled, teachers and hard-working citizens — the backbone of America.

It’s time to reverse this negative spiral. Tell your congressional representative it’s time for transparency. End the silence.

End the abuse of power and the destruction of ‘our’ America. Now!

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