“An Assault On Our Welfare”

It is far past the time to stop the gun insanity!

The NRA’s misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment is killing innocent Americans and Congress must stop it.

A grave mistake was made in 2004 when Congress let the Assault Weapons Ban expire. It’s time they correct their legislative dereliction, Now!

We need common sense in our gun laws and ‘we the peopleowe it to the children of Sandy Hook to demand swift and immediate action from Congress.

If not now, then when?

Do we wait for another tragedy the magnitude of Sandy Hook Elementary School? The loss of more innocent lives? Or another senseless attack which leaves the nation stunned and grieving, families devastated, communities hurting?

Twenty precious lives were lost because one unstable individual could indiscriminately fire 45 rounds in a mere 15 heartbeats — silencing twenty pure and uncorrupted heartbeats forever.

Who do we blame for the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, in Oldtown, in Yourtown?

There’s plenty of blame to go around for the seemingly endless massacres — assaults on our everyday lives and liberties. Many individuals and organizations responsible for these senseless deaths.

Congress, the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America and their executives bear, undoubtedly, the greatest responsibility. But there are many others: parents, gun manufacturers, game designers, gun dealers, and movie makers who must also shoulder some of the burden.

Congress’s rapacious pursuit of money is at the heart of all that’s wrong with this country, including the loss of twenty-six lives in Newtown. The filthy money they take from gun lobbyists to do their bidding on vote after vote is reprehensible.

Politicians who receive money from the NRA are rated based on their voting records on gun related issues. That rating determines how much campaign funding and how much support a candidate will receive.

Republicans get the lion’s share of NRA’s campaign largess. It’s yet another example of how Republican Congressional members forfeit their integrity for the almighty campaign dollar.

The NRA’s inability to forge sensible common sense approaches to gun ownership is greatly responsible for the carnage in Newtown. The blood and decimation caused by assault weaponry since 2004 is on their ‘cold dead hands,’ and on Congress’s.

Lawmakers’ inability to act when faced with obvious and immediate situations makes them incapable of governing. Their reluctance to confront the terror imposed by the NRA’s irresponsible positions leaves them not only ineffective but responsible for the senseless slaughter in Newtown, Aurora, Portland, and Virginia Tech.

Not a single Republican voiced outrage at the statements made by Wayne LaPierre at the NRA’s press conference on Friday, blaming everyone but themselves.

Mr. LaPierre has proven to be no less dangerous than Osama Bin Laden — his hard-line positions, his manifesto. And NRA members, should they remain mute and as unmoved by the tragedy as Mr. LaPierre, are no better than the sheep of Al Qaeda. His callous and uncaring statements would cause one to question his motives. Is LaPierre no better than a domestic terrorist?

Contrary to what Mr. LaPierre believes, and others argue, it was never the intent of the framers of the Constitution, as Chief Justice Warren Burger explained in 1990, to grant unlimited possession of firearms to ordinary citizens when they penned the 2nd Amendment.

Clearly it is the most abused and misinterpreted amendment in the Constitution. To advocate the unrestricted possession of deadly firearms and to add to the mayhem by proposing the placement of armed guards at every one of our nearly 130,000 schools is sheer lunacy. What then of movie theaters, or malls, or churches?

In a reasonable society the right to bear ‘personal arms,’ those needed for protection or sport, could be tolerated. But, in a responsible, civilized society, assault weapons — weapons of ‘mass destruction,’ have no place. There is no ‘Godly’ reason an individual needs an assault weapon unless he/she is sick, paranoid, radical, waging war, or planning to inflict irreparable harm. To maintain that the 2nd Amendment extends to individuals the right to own military killing machines is ludicrous, madness, insanity!

Our society is at a turning point, a place and time where civility and sanity are waning. Unless we control and regulate guns we could easily slip into accelerated chaos and carnage. Assault weapons must be restricted to protect us from ourselves, to protect us from extremists like Wayne LaPierre, David Keene, and Larry Pratt.

What we can’t do is allow the crazies: the Mike Huckabee’s, who believes ‘free’ contraception is at the heart of the tragedy in Newtown; Louie Gohmert’s, the crazy Congressman from the 1st District in Texas; Larry Pratt’s, President of Gun Owner’s of America; or Rush Limbaugh’s, ignorant and out of touch radio talk show host, to take hold of the narrative.

To overcome this right-wing, 2nd Amendment dogma — an almost religious zealotry — our voices, the collective resonance of millions of American voices, must be louder than the paranoid cacophony of uncaring and subversive organizations like the National Rifle Association.

Members in Congress show little interest in tackling the cause of our domestic mayhem. Their callous indifference to strong gun control must be challenged. They must be reminded continuously, barraged with phone calls, letters, tweets and e-mails telling them that we have reached our threshold and the time for legislation is now!

What more will it take?

Contact your congressional representative today at (202) 224-3121 and tell them, Enough!

We can no longer live with the assault on our welfare.

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