“Rubio’s Cube”

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The right-wing tries again to rebut the President!

Marco Rubio, chosen as the sacrificial lamb for the GOP, faced the cameras after the President’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night to deliver the Republican view of our current situation.

Like a jumbled Rubik’s Cube, Rubio and the GOP find themselves in a state of confusion.

Unfortunately, there was only one watershed moment for Senator Rubio in his vain attempt to discredit a President who has found a voice and is rising in popularity.

So who is right in this moment in time; this extraordinary moment in history?

There’s no puzzle to what’s wrong with our nation but Rubio, redundant in his address, failed to provide any new or real solutions.

Merely citing Obama’s Republican perceived failures, while blocking or impeding nearly every proposal that Obama makes, is not a sound political position.

Like the others before him — all with supposedly bright futures in the Republican Party — Rubio’s star dimmed with his attempt at rebuttal. The others, Mitch Daniels, Bob McDonnell, and Bobby Jindal, are rarely mentioned unless it’s part of Tea Party nonsense.

His rhetoric failed to honestly counter the points made by the President in his State of the Union speech. Rubio’s dilemma was the hypocrisy within his party — the shallowness of their talking points. Rubio seems perplexed by the same fog of hypocrisy that inflicts all elected Republicans.

Since politics is multi-layered the question becomes, how do one-dimensional members of Congress functionally move the puzzle pieces in a manner that creates an equitable solution — one that will move the country forward?

Governing, to the modern Republican Party, has always been a Rubik’s Cube; a conundrum that they’ve been unable to solve, evidenced by their inability to get anything right politically.

It was difficult for someone like Rubio — raw and inexperienced, with little knowledge and even less understanding — to deliver a response for a party in such disarray. A party torn between their narrow self-serving policies and uncaring positions which defy the ‘will of the people.’

Rubio is obviously confused about the role of government and its value to its citizens and their well-being. He, on one hand, explained how, “more government isn’t going to help you get ahead, it’s going to hold you back ,” then went on to describe how Big G helped him get through school and how Medicare helped his father through cancer, allowing him to die with dignity, and now takes care of his mother. It’s okay for him, but not for you!

He spoke of a vibrant ‘free economy’ claiming that, “Obama believes that a ‘free economy’ is the cause of our problems,” a mere 30 minutes after the President told us that a vibrant free economy creates a strong middle-class and stimulates growth America needs to recover. He also claims that Obama thinks our problems exist because the government, “doesn’t tax enough, spend enough, control enough,” proving that he doesn’t understand how we got into this financial mess or anything about this country’s tax history.

So, a wet behind the ears Senator, is willing to tell blatant lies on national television to achieve their insidious goal of regaining power in spite of the damage they’ve done to this country when they’ve had that power.

To ignore their responsibility in causing the collapse of the global financial system; the housing bubble; the bankruptcies of Enron, WorldCom and others; the BP Spill in the Gulf; the trillions in added spending caused by the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and Medicare Part D; the decline in government revenues from the recession they caused; the incredible rise in the cost of healthcare and education while they were in charge; the rise and indignities of long-term unemployment; and the increase in poverty while allowing corporations to pay nothing in taxes year after year, is both insane and ludicrous.

While Republicans ponder their next deliberate insurrection the country continues to face problem after problem they’ve caused; recovery stifled and inhibited by the obstacles and barriers Senator Rubio and his right-wing congressional caucus continue to place in the way,

It’s easy to identify the damage Republican rule has caused but it seems to be an enigma to Rubio that, as a result of their decimation the government has to step in and repair it. Without government intervention the entire global economy would have already collapsed starting with the banks.

Rudio’s cube, like Rubik’s, is scrambled and it doesn’t appear he’ll be able to solve it anytime soon.

So, if Marco Rubio is one of their stars then the implosion of the ‘Grand Ole Party’ is not far behind.

Maybe, with the right-wing cancer that infects good government out of the way we can begin moving the pieces to help all Americans and bring this country back to the greatness it once enjoyed.

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