“Diminishing Returns”

The Romney’s still don’t get why they lost the election!

Mitt and Ann Romney appeared on the Sunday show on Fox News for an interview which not only showed they still don’t understand why they didn’t win the White House, but also, that they’d learned nothing from the experience.

They sat down with Chris Wallace and blamed everyone but themselves. It was the media. Mitt wasn’t given the opportunity to show the ‘real’ Mitt. He made an ‘unfortunate’ statement about the 47% moochers at a private gathering which was taken out of context. His team wouldn’t let him be Mitt.

So who is the ‘real’ Mitt?

Was he the man that plays with his grandkids in the ‘open space area’ instead of a park like hu•mans do as Jon Stewart comedically pointed out? Is he the guy who destroyed businesses and employee’s lives for profit? Or, maybe he’s the guy who unpatriotically hides profit off-shore so he won’t have to pay taxes — who believes paying only 14% in income taxes is acceptable for the greedy rich?

He’s all those guys and much worse. Out of touch and basically uncaring, a purveyor of right-wing bullshit and the poster boy for the diminishing returns of the Republican Party.

With each prejudicial statement, each tunnel-visioned policy, each corrosive attack, and each pathological lie the right-wing’s integrity fades and with it their chance to ever govern again. With a little more work we can make the Republican Party small enough to drown in the bath tub.

This deterioration has been a long time coming. It began with Reagan’s admonition of government 30 years ago, but the major damage to the Republican Party and the country was caused by the Republican Congress beginning in 1994, accelerated by the Bush Administration, and has eroded further with the constant obstruction by the Republicans and their crazy comrades — the Tea Party.

Surprisingly, they were able to fool a lot of people for a long time and, unbelievably, get them to vote against their own self interests. But it’s catching up with them!

One needs only to look at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, and their schedule of speakers to understand what is wrong with the Republican Party.

Though they claim to be for ‘the American people’ and that they have a better plan, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, Dana Loesch, Mitch McConnell, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and so many others represent only a small, crazy faction of America.

Speaker after speaker at the conference presented disturbing ideals, made vacuous proposals, and espoused moronic beliefs that should have left the attendees empty and cold, but instead received rousing applause.

Their claims from the conference dias that they know what is wrong with America defies logic when it is they who are wrong with America. No speech, no revisionism, no lie will replace their record of apathy toward the problems of others, many of which they are the cause.

They are the problem!

But it’s not just these far-right charlatans whose invidious accusations have spelled grief for millions of good citizens. It is by-far a creation of the entire right-wing political spectrum; an apathetic arm of the rich and greedy who will do anything to promote their narrow ideals.

To an outside observer it becomes easy to see why their support is diminishing. They alienate everyone and everything that is good in this country; everything that makes America special.

They believe that their problem is one of marketing, that better public relations will improve the perception of who they are and what they believe. But who they are and what they believe has not changed.

What they fail to understand is that it’s incredibly difficult to repackage lies, especially ones they’ve perpetuated for years.

The artificial persona created by Frank Luntz, Gorver Norquist, and Karl Rove is losing its luster. Losing its credibility. The unnatural, counterfeit manipulation of their policies and message have run their course, misleading and deceiving fewer and fewer people.

The truth, that they despise children, women, students, veterans, various ethnic groups, the elderly, and the poor has become glaringly apparent.

They’re unmoved by the massacre of 20 vibrant six year olds though they let the assault weapons ban expire; apathetic about violence toward women; willingly poised to double interest on student loans and defund pell grants; opposed to finding veterans jobs despite sending them into harms way; changing Social Security after stealing over $2.5 trillion from the trust fund; stripping funding for food stamps and children’s school lunches after causing the greater need for both.

No wonder intelligent people are leaving the Republican Party. They give rational and responsible individuals no viable reason to stay.

Those people who remain in the party, fooled by wedge issues: abortion, marriage equality, cries of socialism, the end of capitalism, Islamaphobia, voter fraud, redistribution of wealth, and the removal of guns from your cold dead hands, need to wake the fuck up!

These people don’t care about 99% of Americans and never will. They don’t care about you!

You’re nothing to them but a vote.

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