“Empty Chamber”

Mayhem, chaos, pandemonium, repeating over and over!

Thirty rounds expelled in rapid succession — deafening above the screams, terrifying — then silence, an empty chamber, a brief respite from the maelstrom that leaves some of the 20 beautiful six year olds lying in their Sandy Hook Elementary School classroom crushed and lifeless.

Deafening silence like that from the NRA whores in Congress; those that buy into the lies of the National Rifle Association, selling their souls for a few dollars for their reelection; silence during which this deranged gunman loads another 30 rounds — another deadly high-capacity clip — and repeats the insanity. Five times!

Who are these political whores?

They’re the Representatives and Senators who refuse to take a stand against gun violence, who fear the wrath of the NRA and people like Wayne LaPierre. They’re gutless politicians who make stupid statements and take stupid positions because their constituents are so damn lazy and stupid that they keep reelecting these uncaring pols. They wander the halls of Congress, heartless and arrogant — ignorant of the will of the people — before entering their empty chambers.

The House and the Senate have become characterless vessels, vacuous concrete and marble cavities, of useless rhetoric and soulless conviction.

Thousands will lose their lives in the United States before this inept Congress will either come to their collective senses or be forced by public pressure to act.

Failure to act, after the mayhem and chaos repeating over and over in Sandy Hook, Aurora, Tucson, and Virginia, is an affront to the public trust; a dereliction of legislative responsibility.

The insidious opposition to common sense gun laws — pious and moralistic legislator’s — should be held in contempt. The American people should hold Congress responsible for every senseless gun related death from this point forward. There have been more than 3,000 gun related deaths since the Sandy Hook massacre (check out the eye opening graph compiled by the partnership at Slate and @GunDeaths linked on Jennifer’s article). More than 900 have perished from mass shootings in the U.S. in the last 7 years. Still there is silence from the empty chambers of Congress.

We can no longer tolerate lawmakers hiding behind the 2nd Amendment, many who misinterpret or possess a limited understanding of the amendment. Nor can we tolerate those that take campaign money from the gun lobby — trading lives for dirty money!

After the tragic deaths in Newtown it’s difficult to justify any opposition to finding solutions that will reduce gun violence in the most violent country in the world. Amazingly, the nation with the most guns has the highest number of gun related killings.

Yet, justify they will, no matter how stupid their rationale.

Take the statement of, Representative Bob Goodlatte, (R-VA) Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. “Good intentions do not necessarily make good laws, attempting to stampede members into voting on things that have not shown an ability to prevent some tragedies is not the way to go.” It’s been 100 days Bob. How long do you need? Goodlatte voted for the bank crisis, Gramm/Leach/Bliley, and the Iraq War, both deadly and destructive to America.

Representative Pete Sessions (R-TX) said: “We recognize those very demented, awkward people commit those crimes. We need to do a better job looking at and finding people who have these problems.” and went on to say “Guns aren’t the problem; sick people are.” Awkward? Demented? Sick people? He’s describing his Republican colleagues in the House!

If we’re serious about identifying those with mental illness then I suggest we first look at Congress.

Start with Michele Bachmann, who has espoused some crazy theory, notion, or accusation every few weeks. Or Marsha Blackburn, Alan West, and, of course, Virginia Foxx (R-NC) who responded to the question of gun control: “There are just evil people in the world, there’s nothing your going to do to prevent evil in the world,” yet fails to monitor her own malicious and divisive indictments of both the President and her Democrat colleagues.

There’s also Sarah Palin and her targets, and Sharon Angle and her 2nd Amendment solutions. Then there is Steve King (R-IA) a multiple offense provocateur.

Every one of these mentioned are inextricably tied to NRA money, some more than others. Top recipients of gun powder residue for the 2012 election were: newly elected Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, ($70,000) proving in his own crazy way to be worth every cent; our illustrious House Speaker, John Boehner ($62,000); the demented and deposed, Allen West ($61,000); and Nevada Senator, Dean Heller, ($40,000) who replaced the scandalous John Enzi. Others rewarded for their gun votes are: John Barrasso, (R-WY) ($30,000); Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell ($13,500); rape is inevitable, enjoy it, Richard Mourdock ($40,000); Michelle Bachmann ($40,000), and again, the woefully absurd Iowan, Steve King ($27,000)!

The cacophony in Newtown left 20 precious children mutilated — devastation that could have been avoided by strengthening and extending the assault weapons ban which Congress let expire in 2004.

Now, the cacophony of the gun extremists and 2nd Amendment miscreants echo off the once hallowed halls of the Capitol Building, now empty chambers occupied by too many empty souls handcuffed by stupid pledges, warped ideologies, and purchased obligations.

Though some Republicans now say that gun control should be debated, we must demand to know which congressional members hold guns in higher regard than the lives of children, college students, or citizens enjoying a movie. We demand to know who is callous enough to forget, frivolously cast aside, or ignore the cataclysm of Newtown.

If you vote NO on protecting lives from senseless gun violence, do not insult my intelligence by telling me you are pro-life and oppose abortion. You will be an absolute hypocrite!

We, ‘the people,’ cannot let the tragedy of Newtown fade from our memories and must continue, unwavering, to put extreme pressure on Congress to act in the best interest of the people. The question is, will Congress be as useless as it has been for the last two decades? Will Senator Reid have the gonads to present strong gun legislation?

Tell Senator Reid, (202) 224-3542, (775) 686-5750 to expand and strengthen the weapons bill to include a tough assault weapons ban and a limit on the capacity of magazines. Universal background checks are not an imposition, especially if they reduce gun violence and save lives.

A weak bill, passed in an empty chamber does nothing to prevent gun violence, preserve life, or…

protect our children.

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