“A Message From Newtown”

This is not over!

Last week, the Senate failed to pass the Manchin-Toomey Universal Background Check Amendment even though 90% of Americans favored its passage.

Forty-six Senators prevented the passage of a gun control legislation, albeit weak, aimed at reducing the carnage this country is experiencing each and every day! More than thirty people die in America everyday, more than 30,000 each year — the victims of gun related deaths.

The families traumatized by the horrendous massacre of 20 six year olds, and six teachers and administrators responsible for protecting these precious human beings, lobbied Senators pleading that they vote for this one piece of legislation that could spare other parents the anguish they’re experiencing.

Were these grieving parents asking too much?

Given the mood of most Americans, they weren’t asking for enough, but it was a start. That mood is changing the further we move from Sandy Hook because Americans have such short memories.

The Newtown families were asking for very little. Yet, after all their efforts, after meeting with nearly all the Senators — after months of pain and heartache — they ended up with nothing.

The Newtown families have every right to be angry at the heartless Senators who voted NO.

The lame-stream media praised both Manchin and Toomey for their bipartisan effort at gun control. Praise for what? For a weak bill that contained ridiculous restrictions and no chance at achieving ‘real’ gun control.

Strikingly, after the failed vote on the Manchin Amendment (SA.715), these inept Congressional representatives proceeded to vote down every common-sense gun control Amendment to the original legislation (SA.649): Grassley Amendment (SA.725), another attempt at bolstering and improving the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS); Leahy Amendment (SA.713), punishment for gun trafficking; the Feinstein Amendment (SA.711), a comprehensive and improved Assault Weapons Ban; and the Lautenberg Amendmant (SA.714), large capacity magazine ban.

Let’s not forget that the loose regulations, (the lack of a gun trafficking law), in Arizona was responsible for the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. The two Senators from Arizona, John McCain and Jeff Flake, both voted against the gun trafficking amendment proposed by Senator Leahy. Their two votes would have passed the amendment 60-40 and we would have stricter laws on gun trafficking. Incredibly irresponsible and, potentially, derelict!

We’re dealing with a level of ignorance and incompetence in the Senate that is unparalleled, from the ridiculous to the outrageous; individuals who have no business being in the august body of Congress. It continues to be, repeatedly, the same clowns that block everything good for the American people.

Their fecklessness, was on full display that day in the votes of the Cornyn Amendment (SA.719), a concealed carry statute, and the Burr Amendmnent (SA.720). 2nd Amendment rights for veterans and their families — an amendment which could potentially create greater risk to the American people than the problem it professed to fix.

And the next day they passed the Barrasso Amendment (SA.717) — a stealthily worded change in law from the nonsensical and whimsical mind of the Senator from Wyoming threatening to withhold monies from agencies that release gun owner information. This, from a guy who voted no on every common-sensical gun legislation and yea on every nonsensical and reprehensible bill promoted by an equally deranged Republican.

These three Amendments all received a greater number of votes than the ‘real‘ gun laws. The ‘real’ amendments went down to defeat despite each receiving a clear majority. Thanks to the misuse of the filibuster common-sense gun laws were prevented from becoming law by an irresponsible minority of Senators — the worst members of the Senate. We can thank Majority Leader Harry Reid, who had the opportunity in January, for failing to fix the filibuster.

These Senators are no longer voting for their constituents, but for their campaign donors; donors like the NRA.

The Senators who voted no ignored the victims of the mass murders. Ignored the damage guns have caused and the lives they’ve destroyed throughout America. Ignored the impassioned pleas of the Newtown families. The NRA does not care about the common good or about the victims or potential victims of the violence their organization condones! Yet, Senators continue to support their disastrous agenda.

Twelve children managed to escape sure death while Lanza was reloading after firing 30 rounds. How many lives would have been saved if he had to reload after just 10 rounds?

The high capacity magazine and the assault weapons ban, as issues, are no brainers. But, like the expanded background checks, failed to pass.

Like the Newtown families who declared, “this is not over,” we must continue to press the issue — keep Sandy Hook Elementary School, Aurora, Virginia Tech, and Tucson in our sights and make the Senators who stopped common-sense gun control pay the price for their indiscretions.

This battle is not over. They made it clear. Their hearts are broken; their spirits are not! Let’s all keep the memory of Sandy Hook alive until we’ve reached our goal of an America safer from similar acts of violence. Keep the Promise.

It’s not over till the Newtown families say it’s over.

It is not over till we — the American people — say it’s over!

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