“The South Will Fall Again”

There is something inherently wrong in the South.

And it’s not the slow southern living, or the laziness in their southern drawl, or the languid summer days. And it isn’t the sweet, enticing taste of Southern Comfort, or Sloe Gin Fizzes!

Many in the southern states still have a sordid belief that the South will rise again — believe there’s something noble in that. But there would be nothing grand about returning to the ideals or bigotry that permeates southern thinking, dulls the senses and numbs the brain.

So, what’s wrong with the South?

The South has never recovered from the Civil War. And it appears they learned little from the magnanimous gesture of the North accepting their surrender and leaving them with some of their dignity.

It appears that charitable act gave the South a false impression of itself, an unrealistic view of it’s value to the country.

What began in 1860 — South Carolina’s decision to secede — has not yet been settled. The eleven states — the six states that followed South Carolina in February: Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, as well as the four others: North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, and Tennessee who joined later, formed an unsuccessful alliance. They have never recovered from the defeat of their oppressive ideals at the hands of the Union Army.

More than 600,000 young men died in a war of attrition; a foolish war over human rights.

Nor have they gone quietly into the dark night. They continue, to this day, to impede this nation’s forward progress.

Even before the Civil War politicians from the south were intransigent, blocking bills that were good for the country — a rebellious attitude that is pervasive in those same states today.

Damage to this country by a recalcitrant minority of southern states cannot be measured absolutely but correlations can be drawn from many of their insufferable actions.

The South’s resistance to the Civil Rights Act in the 1960’s — 100 years after the Civil War — was a regression from which we, as a country, have not fully recovered. The uncivilized blockage of human rights exposed the stagnant thinking that permeates the region still.

This redneck mentality, this belief that the reincarnation of a regressive thinking society will cure the perceived ills of the country, is a form of insanity a civilized society cannot afford — cannot tolerate.

For a century and a half these eleven states, with a handful of others, have diminished the greatness of the country our forefathers — the architects of the Constitution — gave us. They continue to undermine our growth and retard our potential world leadership with their intractable and narrow thinking.

Southern Republicans voted against the Voting Rights Act which was necessary to block their continual suppression of a Constitutional freedom. Even today, after the inconceivable decision by the Supreme Court to strike down Section 4 of the VRA, states that tried to suppress the vote before the 2012 election are pushing oppressive bills through partisan legislatures with a renewed fervor.

These overt attempts to block the vote of the African American and Hispanic communities, students, and some seniors in future elections is an attempt to hold onto the last vestiges of their waning power.

But Dixicrat states turned crimson also obstruct common sense gun laws, gay rights, women’s rights, and quality healthcare for all.

Demographics are changing and with it the symbol of hatred and racism — the Confederate Flag — becomes more tattered and less relevant.

As students graduate from Southern universities and colleges the racist, sexist, and homophobic mentality is slowly vanishing, replaced by compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

Republican hold on the South is eroding. Intransigent politicians like Mitch McConnell, Saxby Chambliss, Marsha Blackburn, Jeff Sessions, Virginia Foxx, Marco Rubio, Louie Gohmert, and newly elected Ted Cruz will be replaced by more open thinking politicians with common sense and ideas that improve our nation.

A forward thinking politic is needed to overcome the right-wing obstruction — abuse of the filibuster, opposition to anything this black president wants, and the constant lies and votes against programs that are good for ‘the people.’

The south has been mired in the past and since the 60’s have fought a losing battle to retain an unwarranted sense of power, to hold on to a false dignity that is destroying the potential of a great nation.

Like Atlanta during the Civil War the South is destined to combust and will again be reduced to ashes.

And, hopefully, from the ashes…

a New South will arise!

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