“The Miley Virus”

There’s a disease in this country that’s dangerous.

It seems to afflict individuals with bad taste and threatens to spread like the lowest common denominator that it is. It is not hard to recognize because it leaves a incredibly rancid taste in your mouth.

Hardly a day goes by that you don’t succumb to the malodorous scent left by a performance so bad that nausea invades a perfectly good day.

So what is this dangerous virus?

Virus may be selling the affliction short for it is more like a cancer; a metastasizing tumor that can kill a career.

MTV, long known for its foray to the edge of creativity and good taste has fallen over the edge on this one. Never before has there been a worse performance than on this year’s Video Music Awards. Never before has such an incredibly repugnant and raunchy display of entertainment tried to pass as creative art.

Cyrus’s performance on the MTV stage was reminiscent of a low class whore begging on the worst corner in the worst city in the country. The mephitic performance of not only Miley but of Robin Thicke as a co-conspirator should effectively end both of their careers. Anything less would be a pox on the music industry!

The selection of his prison garb was fitting; an indictment of his tasteless conviction to the sordid display of Cyrus’s ass as a token of sexuality.

And where were her parents? Where was Billy Ray when his daughter slipped into this depraved state; a possibly career ending performance? And why would her mother stand and applaud like a proud parent? She couldn’t have been happy that her daughter was hitting a new low? They probably won’t be nominated for any parenting awards this year or in the future.

It will be interesting to see if this affliction is accepted as art. Early polling indicates that this distasteful display could end another promising career. And hopefully two!

But the broader question is — is MTV even relevant anymore or has their time faded? Was the performance by Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke the final nail in the coffin?

Not even in some future time will they understand the Miley Virus or how it afflicted the entire staff and audience at the VMA. They will be studying this malignant disease, this virus, for centuries hoping to find a cure before it grows beyond our control.

But what is clear; Miley’s performance was something out of the Twilight Zone!

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