“Growing Social Insecurity”

Seniors on Social Security receive a 1.5% boost!

Seniors are being left out in the cold as temperatures drop and heating costs rise along with rent, food, co-pay’s, and other vital necessities squeeze them for their precious and limited dollars.

Next week retired citizens receive their Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for Social Security, a paltry one and a half percent, for the average recipient a whopping $17 per month. Seniors will be forced to stretch their retirement income just a little further — sacrifice just a bit more.

It’s an embarrassment; a slap in their venerable faces! An affront to a life well lived.

Are we killing our seniors?

It seems that way and the compromises being discussed in Washington would make it even worse. They claim to be searching for ways to save Social Security including switching to ‘chained’ CPI.

Save it from what, or whom?

Republicans have despised Social Security since it was enacted in 1935 and have spent incredible amounts of energy trying to kill or privatize it.

Imagine how viable Social Security would be, what it could do for seniors, if they’d spent half that energy on reasonable solutions rather than working to alter it, or working so hard to deregulate then bail out the banks. The same banks that nearly brought down the entire world economy.

Not a single senior nor any Social Security payment has ever come close to bringing the economy down!

But Republicans are not interested in making life better for seniors. Their only desire is to get their grubby hands on the yearly $700 billion paid into Social Security for banks and financial institutions to gamble with. They’ll even lie and cheat to obtain it.

Congress has already siphoned over $2.6 trillion from the Fund, using it for frivolous ventures like an unjust war in Iraq, the B1 bomber, subsidies for oil companies, or tax breaks for millionaires. They’ve even joked about it being nothing more than a drawer full of IOU’s. Translation: they rob the Fund then falsely declare that Social Security is bankrupt.

But it is they that are bankrupt!

Fortunately, several Senators: Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA), Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and, Sherrod Brown (D-OH) are coming to the rescue of seniors — Congressional members who sincerely want to make senior’s lives better while Republicans try to reduce or cut Social Security. These Legislators’ are working on legislation that will not only preserve the benefit for seniors, but expand it. Senator Warren has been actively pushing to increase benefits for seniors and vets that would immediately go back into the economy.

Inflation is different for seniors than for the nation as a whole and seniors are being shafted; falling further behind every year. After the Great Bush/GOP Recession seniors received zero cost of living increase for two straight years.

It will be difficult for Senators’ Warren, Sanders, or Brown to garner favor from Republicans for even a nominal increase even though it’s both valuable to seniors’ way of life and stimulative to our slow economy. Raising benefits has populist support but overcoming the cacophony from the right is the biggest obstacle.

Most egregious are their claims that Social Security is bankrupt or that it adds to the deficit. Neither is true. Nor is the program ‘socialistic’ or an ‘entitlement’ — terms Republicans use constantly to describe it.

There is $2.6 Trillion in the Fund. Social Security has not added a ‘single dime’ to the deficit. Not a ‘single penny!

Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler, of Third Way, argue that Senator Warren’s populism is inconceivable given the problems Social Security faces in the future. But Cowan and Kessler’s argument falls short on many levels.

Their reasoning fails to discuss the causes of our current and future dilemma. They offer no solutions for extending this highly efficient and beneficial program. And there are glaring omissions in their Op-Ed regarding Social Security receipts and taxes.

Though Third Way claims to be a fresh thinking — centrist — think tank, this article has the fetid smell of the right, an opinion with a corporatist slant — paid for in part by Wall Street.

Thinking like Third Way is what has caused a declining America — this ugly move toward Plutocracy, reminiscent of the destruction of the 20’s, which created the need for social programs in the first place. Their article should not be taken seriously in any intelligent discussion about Social Security or reforming it.

Senator Warren’s proposal to expand Social Security is positive, helps the economy grow, and improves the lives of our seniors.

Helping seniors will immediately stimulate the economy and begin to trickle up as the economy grows stronger.

Every senior in this aging country should support Senators’ Warren, Sanders, and Brown’s efforts on their behalf, and should reject the spurious intentions and outright lies of the Republicans.

The quality of their lives depends on it!

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