“Snorting Koch”

Is Plutocracy imminent for America?

As we approach the 2014 elections there are right-wing politicians running for offices throughout the country that have been bought and sold by the perfidious Koch Brothers, who have no desire to be part of this great country, only to use it to amass enough wealth to manipulate it and create a Plutocracy.

There’s no shortage of politicians willing to sell their integrity to people like the Koch’s to remain in office; willing to lie to retain a false sense of power and authority.

How do we fight this insidious malignancy?

The Koch Brothers are takers not makers — taking away our freedoms, our pensions, minimizing our votes, limiting our education, and polluting our country, turning it into a cesspool while they live in luxury high atop the hill!

Are we going to let the Koch Brothers turn America into a Plutocracy?

They use their dirty money, their disparate wealth, to nefariously manipulate the flow of information, the electoral process, and the free function of government.

Right-wing politicians have become — more likely serve as — their dark surrogates promoting destructive policies that endanger the lives and livelyhoods of millions of Americans.

Through a myriad of shadowy organizations, some openly active like Americans for Prosperity, but others, secretive and opaque like the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, the Koch’s inject millions of dollars to subvert democracy and the will of the people.

A lot of what the Koch funded organizations do could be considered seditious in nature — an extension of the Koch ideology which is anything but patriotic; a secretive cabal undermining democracy.

Unleashed by the Supreme Court’s felonious decision in Citizens United, Americans For Prosperity and other Koch supported organizations have already poured millions of dollars into campaigns for the 2014 election — negative ads against Democratic candidates. Their attacks, mostly lies, are aimed at destroying good politicians and replacing them with unqualified and malleable Tea Party replacements.

With so few people actually paying attention to what’s happening in our country these subversive political ads have considerable impact on our elections despite being mostly untruthful.

The Koch’s have found right-wing candidates who are willing to push their agenda and overlook the potentially seditious implications. This addiction to Koch money is dividing the country at a time when we should be coming together to solve the countless problems we’re currently facing.

In this growing chasm between the rich and the rest of the country — the 99% — the Koch’s represent everything that’s wrong with wealth disparity. Not all wealthy individuals are like the Koch’s who represent the selfish and arrogant side of affluence, the predatory side of capitalism. Unlike the Koch’s, many of the wealthy are altruistic and support a stronger America.

Unfortunately, many of the candidates the Koch’s support — those addicted to Koch money — are amongst the dumbest faction in politics and they’re destroying our country.

The deceptive tactics employed by Koch funded Americans for Properity obscure the political discourse leading up to the elections. They’ve proven that they’ll spend enormous amounts of money to distort the electoral process hoping to help elect people who will do their bidding.

Conservatives, unfortunately, succumb to the political dogma of the Koch’s to their own detriment and the detriment of our country.

How far will we let people like the Koch’s go with their attempt to usurp power? How much dismantling of government will we allow. How much poverty, pollution, destruction, wealth transference, or manipulation will we tolerate before we collectively scream, enough?

There is a way to battle these fake patriots — unpatriotic citizens like the Koch’s; to push back against their divisive and destructive animus; to stand our ground against their oppressive agenda; and to counter the misguided and evil use of their inherited wealth.

Make ‘Em Pay!

Don’t allow their deceptive organizations to influence or buy your vote.

Let them spend their money, then get out and vote the proper candidates into office. Candidates that care about this country and all people in this great nation. That would send a resounding message — we reject your Plutocracy!

We the people’ must break this addiction and restore democracy!

Eliminate the politicians that are addicted to Koch money.

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