“Subversive Radio In L.A.”

Clear Channel silences progressive voices!

On January 2nd KTLK 1150 radio in Los Angeles changed its format and call letters and dumped the progressive voices of Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, and David Cruz.

Instead of Progressive Talk Radio in Los Angeles they’ve moved to the seditious and repressive Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and someone named Doc Thompson.

Another step toward Fascism?

Control of the media, suppression of free speech, lies and spreading of propaganda are steps in that flawed direction.

The media in America has been methodically reduced over the last few decades to basically just six media conglomerates that control most of the dissemination of information and limit access to the public’s airwaves. We were lucky enough in Los Angeles to have the progressive voices of Stephanie, Randi, and for a long time, Thom Hartmann on KTLK.

The format change is not only a loss to the political discourse in Southern California, but a shift to push right-wing propaganda fueled by this nation’s one percent — the wealthiest and greediest individuals in the world.

Replacing the fact-based progressive voices with the subversive prevarication’s of right-wing mouth-pieces is a step in an already negative direction. Southern California deserves better.

Listening to Glenn Beck’s seditious and ignorant eight-minute segment on his first morning was a terrible start for the change of format, but it was just as bad the rest of the day. And all of the days since have been fraught with anarchistic and treacherous rhetoric.

It was laughable listening to the obese narcissistic drug addict waste the first hour of his show justifying his demotion from 640 KFI to the low-powered KTLK 1150 in the same market. Make no mistake, it was a demotion! Rush tried to portray it as a new beginning.

The demotion is not only a slap in Rush’s obnoxious face, but also the other idealogues that made the move with him: Beck and Hannity.

Limbaugh’s demotion was clearly a matter of the effective pressure on his advertisers to abandon him after his misogynist comments about Sandra Fluke which exposed his incredible stupidity to the entire country in one ignorant three day rant! The push on Rush’s advertisers needs to continue — persistent and unending until he’s gone — wiped from the radio dial.

Hannity made the biggest mistake of all by having the incompetent Louie Gohmert host his show on the first day of transition. Aside from the ugly bias displayed by Gohmert, he was surely in violation of House ethics by being allowed to spew his partisan bullshit over the air waves for three full hours!

A spokesperson from the House Ethics Committee indicated there are no specific rules regarding media participation unless compensation is involved and a member violates the rules on compensation. Paying Gohmert would be stupid! A request to find out if Gohmert was compensated was unanswered by KEIB.

Even the call letters change to KEIB, and the new masthead — the patriot — are a sham. These three individuals are no patriots, nor is their divisive and partisan rhetoric ‘excellence in broadcasting.’

The two stations, KFI and KTLK, are owned by Clear Channel which is under the ownership of Bain Capital. So it is no surprise that they would quash the voice ‘of the people’ and insert this ignorant and seditious trio in their place.

This is a glimpse of the abhorrent world we would live in if Mitt Romney would’ve become our President. By the grace of God, he didn’t. But that doesn’t mean the challenges to combat subversive media is, by any means, over!

Subversive radio has always relied on the ignorance of their audience and their laziness — a reluctance to research or require facts that substantiate the wild and usually false claims they disseminate.

This willful ignorance fuels hate radio and perpetuates the myth that the poor and helpless are bringing about the decline of their — our — country. Rather, it’s this stirring of their basal hatred that is killing America. This mostly white, mostly Christian, mostly Southern audience follows these seditious purveyors of propaganda to the detriment of a healthy nation.

Though these seditious voices were already in Los Angeles on a higher-powered station, the progressive voices served as the counter-balance to the lies, hate, and harmful misinformation coming from right-wing radio.

We can’t allow only seditious right-wing voices to permeate the airwaves of Southern California. If we allow it, Southern Cal could become afflicted with the ugliness of states like Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, or North Carolina, where it is difficult to find a progressive voice on the radio dial.

Conscientious Angeleno’s need to demand ‘real’ excellence in broadcasting — the progressive voices who care about ‘the people’, Hartmann, Miller, Rhodes, Uygur. A free society cannot tolerate the unfettered lies of this unpatriotic right-wing trio to go unchecked.

Send Clear Channel a clear message, that intolerance from the right cannot subvert the freedoms democracy affords ‘all’ Americans.

Reject KEIB 1150 and spurn subversive radio.

Your freedom to think cannot be influenced, bought, or sold to the highest bidder.

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