“The World According To Huelskamp!”

Maddow takes on Representative Huelskamp after SOTU.

After the President gave his State of the Union address on Tuesday night MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow interviewed Representative Tim Huelskamp who had sent out some rather accusative tweets about the speech and Obama’s Presidency.

Though the tweets were strange, some almost incomprehensible, Maddow’s questions seemed to confuse the Representative from Kansas and things slid downhill from the very first question.

What’s wrong with Kansas?

Apparently lots! During the interview one had to wonder how this man ever became a member of Congress. But, it also answered an unasked question about what is wrong with Congress.

Texas has a lot of crazy Representatives who have some wild ideas about what’s happening in this country. Tim Huelskamp refuses to be excluded from the growing list of deranged members of Congress. But this unprecedented right-wing lunacy is not confined to Texas and Kansas. It is becoming pervasive in most red states and was heightened by the rise of the Tea Party.

Huelskamp is but one of many tea baggers elected in the ugliest states in the union and along with Representatives’ Gohmert, Stockman, Broun, Cruz, Franks, Yoho, King, Cotton, Paul, Foxx, Goodlatte, Chaffetz, and many others have screwed this country up with their ignorant ideas and ideologies.

The series of answers offered to Ms. Maddow’s questions were not answers at all but inane talking points that Representative Huelskamp strung together and made no sense and was evidence of a psychological problem that should require therapy. He even, after his incredible unfactual harangue, had the audacity to accuse the host of the Rachael Maddow Show, one of the most diligent journalists in the media today, of being a cheerleader and not a journalist.

But, these disingenuous attacks using falsehoods, analogies, allegories, and innuendo serve a singular right-wing purpose — to destroy the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency while dividing the country.

The treatment of this President and his administration, their seditious attacks of a black man in the highest office in the country, their hatred for anyone who insists on freedom for all Americans is embodied in this one erratic interview of the Representative from Kansas.

Huelskamp’s election is evidence of the ignorance and complacency of our electorate — a failure perpetuated by the lies from the right. A better America is going to require a smarter electorate.

Tim Huelskamp is clearly what’s wrong with Kansas.

And Kansas, without question, is what’s wrong with America.

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