“Cereally Intolerant”

MSNBC apologizes to Right-Wing Nuts! Why?

They apologized for a tweet about the right-wings’ intolerance over a commercial; the interracial Cheerios Commercial which General Mills will once again air, this time during the Super Bowl.

But, the Conservative outrage is intolerable — again. This is not the first time the right-wing has gone nuts over this interesting and creative commercial that should offend no one. But, here we go again. The right wing nuts attacked Cheerios with intolerable racial epitaphs causing General Mills to pull the comments!

So, why did MSNBC apologize?

Surely not for this: “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.” The only thing wrong with this tweet is that the adorable Cheerios advertisement is not new. Even children recognized how stupid right-wing intolerance was when it aired earlier last year.

MSNBC, after discovering that that tweet was from its account, backtracked and apologized for its “offensive” tweet about conservatives. The only thing offensive about the tweet is that conservatives are outraged when confronted with the truth.

MSNBC’s apology is unacceptable! They should never apologize to the insidious collective on the right for exposing the deeply-rooted prejudices of the Republicans in general and more specifically, conservatives.

The network apologized for offensive remarks that do not ‘reflect’ msnbc’s position. You never apologize to the serial intolerance displayed by the right, who never apologize for their repugnant behavior. Phil Griffin, with every cowering move he makes, is undermining the ability to speak the truth and is hurting America and Americans.

Even the purveyor of hypocrisy, the contemptuous, Glenn Beck, reveled on his radio show, in the networks’ apology, lying to his audience, as he so frequently does, about the lefts’ agenda. Claiming that the left are the racists despite his purely racist remarks in the past perpetuates the racial divide. He is an embarrassment to his race! But, the intolerant Beck is a hypocrite and his lies, unfortunately, carry weight with intolerant right-wing conservatives.

General Mills should be applauded for bringing back the adorable commercial that millions will see during the most watched show of the year. For those that have not seen it, view it with an open heart, and remember what our children say.

Sometimes they’re a lot smarter than adults.

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