“A Sinkhole In Virginia!”

GOP leadership takes a huge hit!

Political history was made in Virginia on Tuesday night during Virginia’s Primary. But it wasn’t the historical event Republicans could get excited about.

When incumbent Eric Cantor lost his seat in the House of Representatives last night, there was no celebration, there were no streamers, and no fireworks. There was no exultation and no cheerful acceptance speech.

Only remorse and somberness!

Dave Brat’s primary win over the seven term incumbent and House Leader in Cantor’s gerrymandered district was shocking not only to Republicans, but to pollsters and pundits of both political parties.

The Tea Party victory in Virginia’s 7th District was even more shocking given the recent proclamation by the Republican establishment the the Tea faction was subdued and no longer a problem for the GOP — proven in part by recent losses by tea party candidates in GOP Primaries.

Evidently they didn’t get the memo in rural Virginia.

But Teabaggers shouldn’t get overly excited about this primary win though it was a pretty big deal.

A lot of political analyst’s believe it was a victory hedged on the candidate’s positions on immigration reform and that Brat’s pounding Cantor’s apparent desire to get some sort of immigration reform done was a deciding factor in the election. But immigration was only one of the factors in Cantor’s demise.

One of the major factors of the outcome in the 7th District of Virginia is ignorance; a complete lack of understanding of what is wrong with this country and who caused it. That ignorance was evident in Dave Brat’s victory as a Tea Party candidate. Though Cantor is evidence of everything that’s wrong with Republicans, Dave Brat represents an even less informed and oblivious wing of the party; a group with an ideology that runs contrary to every populist view in the country.

For all intents and purposes the Tea Party is dead — lifeless — and the win over Cantor will not reenergize the withering far-right appendage of a Party headed for extinction! Feckless Tea Bag pols have pulled the Republican Party so insidiously to the right that there is no chance for the party to ease back toward the moderate positions they once held!

After watching the GOP slide further and further right, ignoring reality for an ignorant ideological platform, it is easy to see the path they’ve chosen will lead to eventual dissolution!

Eric Cantor, the only Jewish member in the House, was but a pawn in this right-wing passion play; a party that invokes Christianity despite shunning the goodness of Christianity, the benevolence of a Christian upbringing. The public in general are beginning to see through their false piety and are beginning to hold them accountable for their lies and destruction.

The ignorance in Virginia’s 7th District is a microcosm of the perilous path this country is on caused by the uninformed dissidence of the Southern states and their elected officials. Their obstruction and condemnation of the poor, veterans, seniors, women, immigrants, and students — this administration and our first black President — have made them the armpit of the nation.

Cantor’s loss was a surprise, but is an indication of what will begin happening all over the country. It won’t just be Tea Party challenges that take down the Republican Party, but solid Democrats with a strong populist message that supports and strengthens the middle class, raises people out of poverty, protects seniors, improves our healthcare and education, provides clean air and water, protects us from predatory capitalism, increases jobs, and strengthens our infrastructure, that will end their reign of terror.

Cantor, and his lack of true leadership, was party to that terror.

A sinkhole has opened in Virginia and it will be one of many that swallows the Republican Party as the people take back the country and make it, once again, the most admired and powerful nation in the world!

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