Quick Hit: “Vision, Not Hindsight”

Since its establishment, February of 2009, It’s Worth an Opinion has been dedicated to vision, not just hindsight!

My efforts were focused on presenting the information the media either ignored or missed; not just the headlines which are generally presented in a positive or optimistic way. It has not been my intent to be contrarian, but to research deeper; to root out the whole political or economic story in order to present a more informed and more truthful picture of the state of this country.

There has been an undercurrent—ugly in many places—that goes virtually unreported. Investigative journalism, with the exception of the internet, is virtually dead. News organizations: newspapers, magazines, television, cable, and radio are focused on the bottom-line and are failing to do the job for which they were designed—for which they were licensed; reporting and providing truthful and valid information to the American people.

I added The Cutting Edge blog to the web site on June 24th to present a comprehensive and organized format in which to view and read my opinions and predictions. It’s purpose, like the initial web site, was and is designed to inform. My mission then, remains my mission today.

No one is paying for this service or my time. My purpose is altruistic and is an effort to afford change for those that cannot defend or protect themselves. It behooves each of you to read my introduction of the blog: “Welcome to the Cutting Edge.”

Freedom of speech is a valuable tool in a democracy. I applaud the ability to exercise that freedom, and will continue to raise my voice until things change to return this country to the leader it can and should be.

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