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“Stimulating a Dead Economy”

My newest article is now available on The Huffington Post. Click on the HuffPo linke to read it there.


The U.S. economy is surviving only because of over-stimulation.

We’re living on fumes in this country, and the pursuit of happiness has come to an end for millions of families!

Main Street is still suffering. But, the Market is on Viagra, shored up by QE2, the Fed program to buy hundreds of billions of dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds. As QE2 winds down, and the economy falters, the discussion turns to the possibility of QE3.

A tremendous number of band aids have been administered to keep the U.S. economy from hemorrhaging; to prevent not only a domestic collapse, but a global one.

Each attempt to divert a financial disaster has had varying levels of success; many failing to achieve their intended goals.

Why have we needed so much stimulus?

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“The Real Crime at AIG” (reposted)

One year after the fall of Lehman Brothers, questions are still being asked about the decision. The day after Lehman was left to fail the Treasury chose to bailout insurance giant AIG. More was going on at AIG than we were told and the questions posed today may address a certain level of criminality that should be investigated.

On March 24th I sent an Op-Ed piece to the New York Times regarding the potentially criminal transfer of monies from the taxpayers to AIG counterparties through TARP allocations. Below is the text of the Op-Ed. The original article, “The Real Crime at AIG,”  is posted on It’s Worth an Opinion.


“The ‘Real’ Crime at AIG”

Is the outrage over the bonuses given out to executives at American International Group (AIG) masking the ‘real’ scandal at the world’s largest insurance corporation?

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