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“Exposing Real Voter Fraud”

This new article has been published on The Huffington Post. Click on the link to read it there.


Voter fraud has accelerated throughout the U.S. and must be stopped.

Voter fraud is a problem in as many as 33 states and people are demanding action to save our democracy.

It’s a malignancy that must be eradicated before it metastasizes to all 50 states, an unstoppable force that threatens to infect our electoral process — threatens to undermine our Constitution and freedoms.

How did it ever get this bad?

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“Kasich’s Issue In Ohio”

Ohioans vote tomorrow — a referendum on Governor Kasich!

Voters will go to the polls to vote on Tuesday with Issue 2, the bill that will repeal the controversial anti-collective bargaining bill, Senate Bill 5, drawing national attention.

Governor Kasich, like his counter-part in Wisconsin, began pushing controversial issues from the minute he took office. And, like Governor Walker in Wisconsin, raised the ire of Ohio citizens.

We Are Ohio, the group that opposes SB5, needed to get 231,000 signatures to get Issue 2 on the ballot to repeal the controversial legislation. They gathered 1.3 million people to sign the petition and 915,000 were certified. That’s nearly four times what was needed.

Governor Kasich’s agenda, fresh from the ALEC playbook and pushed by the other new Republican Governors, is an effort to strip and privatize; strip public employee rights in hopes of privatizing some public functions that will be subsidized by taxpayers money.

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