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“Paul Ryan: A Gift to Democrats”

This article has been posted on The Huffington Post on August 27.


Ryan is Romney’s choice for his 2012 running mate.

Just over a week ago Republican Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, selected, Representative Paul Ryan, from Wisconsin’s 1st District to be his Vice President.

The selection was a surprise to many on both the right and the left. Most had narrowed the field down to Senator Rob Portman or the ex-Governor from Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty.

Was the professed deficit hawk a good choice?

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“Job Killers”

Job Killers was posted on The Huffington Post on 10/21. To view it at HuffPost click on the link.


Unemployment is still high — five people compete for every job!

This country needs jobs — badly — if we are to come out of this devastating recessionary event.

The ‘Great Recession’ has been unprecedented, destroying lives and families. It has been especially destructive on hard-working people; the middle class.

Restoring jobs is the most important issue to reinforce an economic recovery. Housing is also a drag on the recovery, but jobs will help housing begin to rebound.

When the Tea Party swept the Republicans into the majority in the House of Representatives and handed the gavel to Congressman John Boehner, he promised job creation would be one of the new House Majority’s priorities.

Has it been?

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“A Path to Poverty!”

Paul Ryan’s budget plan will put America on a fast path to poverty.

Poverty in America is rising! And it’s getting uglier.

The country is dying: infrastructure decaying, housing decimated, politics corrupt, media biased, the rich greedy and dispassionate, wars suffocating—and that’s on a good day.

Though an eternal optimist it becomes increasingly difficult to find many positives in the current environment.

Especially when we learn that by the end of 2009, 43.6 million people were living in poverty which raises the level to 14.3% of our population. That number surely increased in 2010 while Jaime Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, and their colleague’s pay increased by several millions.

How many houses do they need? How many cars?

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“The Truth About the ‘Death Tax’”

This has been posted this afternoon, 12/31 on The Huffington Post . Click on the link to read it on the Huff Post web site.


Someone once said, “Nothing’s Certain But Death and Taxes

In a political environment where lying has become the norm rather than the exception there is one axiom that is self-evident—death. Though taxes seem to be inevitable the depth and effect remain uncertain.

This was never more graphically displayed than in the recent fight over the sunsetting Bush Tax Cuts. Republicans and Democrats fought over taxing the rich or taxing the poor.

But, returning to the inevitability of death and taxes—behold the lie when the two are coalesced by a disingenuous political party and Frank Luntz.

The term ‘Death Tax’ is one of the most egregious prevarication’s perpetrated on an uninformed American public over the last few decades.

Despite being UnAmerican, it is fraudulent to rename the ‘Estate Tax,’ yet the Republicans continue to use the deceitful misnomer to the detriment of a struggling nation.

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“In Lock Step, Senate Republicans Snub the Middle-Class!”

This important article was just posted on The Huffington Post, Tuesday, December 7 and can be accessed by clicking on the link here.


On Saturday, the extension of tax cuts for the middle-class hit a Republican wall!

In a crucial vote to extend the Bush Tax Cuts for hard-working Americans, Senate Republicans voted NO!

The unpaid for Bush Tax Cuts are due to expire on December 30th which will return all taxes to Clinton era levels.

Republicans are holding middle and lower income families hostage to secure deficit increasing tax breaks for the wealthiest in this country, including the banksters and other executives that taxpayers bailed out. The failure of Democrats to break the Republican filibuster could end up being another American financial tragedy created by the GOP.

And there are numerous!

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